Mustard shocked my sausage

T’other day I cooked a lot of sausages on my barbecue (for a drunken friend who then told me she only wanted one). I put said sausages in the fridge, and two days later I hauled one out to eat straight from the fridge.

After a bite, I thought the glorious experience would be enhanced by the addition of some fine American mustard. So holding the bitten sausage in my right hand, I proffered the mustard with my left. No sooner had the yellow goodness touched the end of the sausage, than I got a massive static shock up my arm. It was far greater than an Office Space-style doorknob shock.

Have I discovered a new pork-based energy source? Or is there some other explanation - what could have caused this?

Weird. Was this mustard from a squeezy bottle? I ask because I don’t suppose it’s possible that a physical jolt and audible pop caused by a bubble or slight blockage in the nozzle, combined with the nervous shock of being surprised at the event, might have merely felt like an electric shock?

If it isn’t that, I can’t think of an explanation that is both complete and plausible, however, more details are required:
-Describe the mustard container.
-Which hand experienced the shock? - the one holding the mustard, or the one holding the sausage?

Was the mustard kosher? Could be some sort of matter/anti matter thing going on :dubious:

The mustard container was a plastic French’s container. The sausage was a cheap-and-nasty Wall’s.

The hand holding the sausage got the shock.

I am prepared to concede it might have been some kind of nerve thing, but it certainly felt like a common-or-garden electric shock.

That would explain why my kosher dill exploded when I dipped it in my lobster thermidor.

I suppose it’s possible that a static charge built up as a result of the mustard flowing through the plastic nozzle, but I can’t think of any easy way this could have built up to sufficient levels to cause a shock (given that it only has the time between the start of squeezing and the moment the mustard touches the sausage).

Could you describe the sensation of the shock in more detail? Was it a sharp stab, or a tug-and shake?

A twinging funny bone (ulnar nerve) can produce a sensation indistinguishable from that of grabbing onto an electric fence. Sometimes it’ll happen without anything knocking you on the elbow, especially if you’ve fatigued the muscles in your arm.

Mangetout, it felt just like touching a metal object after charging your shoes up.

I’m wondering (assuming Squink isn’t correct) if I could have charged myself up with my shoes on the carpet, then dishcarged into the liquid mustard via the conducting sausage. If you see what I mean.

That seems fairly plausible, although the mustard doesn’t provide a path to earth and there isn’t a lot of material in there to sink a charge.

So it was kind of a “Shaking Hands With Jesus’ Sausage” moment?

Yes, assuming Squink isn’t correct is always fairly plausible. :wink:

So, inquiring minds want to know…

Did you eat the electric sausage, or no?

Did the mustard, in fact, add to the flavor as you hoped?


I believe we have the answer right there. It’s quite obvious that the universe was chastising you for eating cheap and nasty sausage. The true question is, have you learned your lesson?

Thank you for your concern. 1. Yes, and 2. it was indeed tastier with the mustard.

You sure it wasn’t English mustard which packs a hellova punch unlike the poncy French crap which has as much kick to it as mayo.

Could it have been ‘divine energy’? My roomate from college always warned me that ‘the kingdom of god was like unto a mustard seed’. (It was part of his ‘why ketchup is the product of Satan’ speech. :dubious: ) Of course if it was, it means that 6 hours afterwards, you were scheduled to have a holy shit… :smiley:

Something about this phrase disturbs me.