MUZIKMAFIA/Big&Rich: Any other fans?

My teenage daughter and I love these guys. They are extremely controversial on the Country forums, however, music evolves, and while I am still a Country girl at heart, I really like the energy and messages these guys put out.

(turn on your speakers, if in an appropriate situation, and listen to the boys!)

As Big Kenny and John Rich say: “Somebody’s gotta be unafraid to lead the freak parade”!!!

I like them a lot. They’re definitely a new favorite of mine.

I like them, too. Even my heavy metal/hard rock husband likes them.

The only thing of theirs I’ve heard is “Save a Horse…” and it sounds like a rap song to me.

I don’t like rap, I’m afraid. Not just for the singing style, but for the lack of content in the lyrics. Basically, they all seem to be about penis size, and this song is no exception.

However, I’m not going to let one song turn me off to the group. I’ll listen to their other stuff eventually. Unfortunately, I live in a city with lousy choices for country radio (meaning: only one choice), so I don’t listen to as much country as I once did.

That song, to me, is definitely not representative of their sound. I have no idea what that had to be the big radio song. “Holy Water” would have been a much better first single for them, but I don’t begin to know how those things work.

I don’t listen to FM radio anymore, so I’d never heard of them when I caught them opening for Tim McGraw months ago. Save a Horse was kinda fun, but they won me with Wild West Show and Holy Water. They’re not first tier, but definitely some of the best stuff you’ll hear on Clearchannel.

Holy Water is a fantastic song. I also like Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy but I can understand that it might not be a song that everyone would like.