MV Stugots

Help I would like to know the make model and especially the size of Tony Soprano’s boat the “Stugots” and yes I know more or less what stugots means and I wonder why that would be a good name for a boat but that is another story. Thanks CaptBilly:confused:

Actually, I have no idea what “stugots” means. Anyone care to elaborate?

Spiny Norman and I were kayaking in Marina del Rey a couple of months ago and we agreed that we saw the best name for a vessel ever: Fred.

“stugots”= “balls”

And I don’t mean the kind you play jacks with. :slight_smile:

There was a thread on “Stugots” a few days ago.

The word is an Italian obscenity, commonly used in some areas of New York. It was a favorite of my Italian friends when I was growing up in The Bronx. It is derived from testa di cazzo, literally “dickhead,” which is pronounced as ‘stu gatz’ in southern Italian dialect. (Some sites say it is derived from questo cazzo, or “this dick,” or give other derivations. The common element, though, is cazzo, “dick.” “Cazzo/gotz” is frequently used as an obscentity by itself.)

I don’t know why Tony Soprano would want to name his boat Dickhead.

All that said, the actual General Questin on the table here is “what kind of boat?”