My 200 post milestone, or kudos to you all

I seem to recall someone mentioning that 200 posts was some form of rite of ascension for posters here. That doesn’t matter to me very much. It’s just that reaching this point as well as nearing a year and a half on this board have caused me to ruminate on my time here.

Back when I was a sophomore in the fall of 2001, a friend of mine from high school, known amongst you as The Red Menace, linked me to a thread on this board. I’d seen The Straight Dope years ago when it was a feature on AOL, and I found a host of fascinating ideas and people on this board. I decided to register so that I could venture a question myself or maybe even contribute.

In terms of participation, I’ve pretty much been a fly on the wall, mostly lurking, asking questions, occasionally answering them, jumping in on some fun threads, etc. I’ve done my best to contribute whatever I could, wherever I could. I haven’t done any networking with people, nor have I addressed anyone specifically very much. I’m not complaining and I have no regrets; I’ve had fun reading this board.

I’ve learned a lot of interesting things, about both the topics discussed and about myself, most notably the matter of how I react when I see different sides of a debate, even though I’ve never felt myself to be in too much of a position to participate. Perhaps that will change soon, who knows?

I extend my thanks and appreciation to all of you, and I will continue on here as I have. I just wanted to go out of the way to say this.

Godspeed, everyone.

Congrats, fellow 200 poster!

Just press your thumb against the screen and cover the rightmost digit on my posts.


Congrats, fellow 200 poster!