My 50-year old aunt adopted a 30 year old son


I actually found out about it less than a week ago. At first they wouldn’t tell me his age, they kept saying how she’d adopted him, so i was thinking maybe he was an underpriviledge teen from India. Maybe 15.

So I finally talk to her on Sunday, and she calls him over. Suddenly I hear a *man’s * voice coming through the phone.

I was quite shocked, let me tell you.

How is it possible to adopt an adult? I understand about adopting babies and children and teenagers, but a 30-year-old man? Get outta town! That’s called ‘taking in a roommate.’

You know this was my first thought as well. “Adopting” as in: taking in a companion for a room mate. More power to her.


she has a roommate, my other aunt.

I am not the daughter she so desperately wanted. Unfortunately, I like my privacy and like to be rather independent.

I am not the son they all wanted (all three sisters), to take care of them in their old age. I’m not even married yet.

But why she actually adopted him? I mean, adopted. He’s got papers. he calls her Ammi (mom)! I have no clue. I’m befuddled.

Wow. I was thinking more in terms of saying she adopted him and him being more of a boytoy or room mate. They drew up papers? holy moly.

Hey! That’s what I want to do!
Except my dream is to adopt an 18-year-old. What can I say, I just want the grandkids. I’d probably wait until I’m 40 or so though. I don’t want to be a 30-year-old grandmother.

When my brother died in his early 20’s, my mother legally adopted his widow. She had no other family, and well, that was my mom. :smiley:

So my sister-in-law is now my sister.

This is probably what they want, grandkids (since I show no intention of giving them any, not even grand-nieces or nephews).

Adopting of adults can be beneficial in an inheritance situation. It’s uncommon, but not unknown, for an adult to adopt another in order to insure that the other person will inherit the estate. It’s foolproof, usually. By law, your spouse inherits first, then your children, then parents, and so on.

So if your aunt wanted to give her estate to her 30 year old friend, and she had children who she was sure would challenge it, and she didn’t want to marry him, then adoption is a strange but acceptable way of handling those challenges. I’ve read a couple of cases where it worked.

That’s one way to look at it.

Yeah but it doesn’t fly. She has no kids, and she isn’t married. There is no one who could contest her will, I don’t think. What’s that they say? IANAL. Her parents are dead, too.

And I know it’s not about sex. I really do know this. I don’t want to get into how I know, but I know.

I don’t propose to get into a GD-esque discussion, much less provoke a Pit rant, about the forms that love can take.

But I see nothing strange in a man with a mother-size hole in his live and a woman with a son-size hole in hers falling into a relationship where they regard each other as what each other needs, and taking steps to formalize that feeling into a legal relationship.

I’m childless, and never adopted. But I have three wonderful sons, and grandchildren that are the joys of my life. (Wanna see pictures? ;))

So I say, More power to them!

Is he from India? It may just be a “creative” way to immigrate to the US. I’m not trying to be accusatory. It’s just the first thing that I thought of when you described the situation.


And yes. I am guessing it is a combination of the two things. They each had something that the other wanted. At first they thought they would just have hm come to America. Customs is EXTREMELY strict these days. So they decided to make it formal, to make it easier.

I haven’t asked too many questions, obviously. I don’t think it’s any of my business, and he calls me “sister”, doesn’t have a sister, and seems to love me dearly.

The only thing that worries me greatly is I’m wondering if they’re hoping I’ll flal in love with him and finally leave my Chinese BF. (And this is not out of the blue, I have plenty of reason to worry about this).

You’re in luck. We don’t want you to get into it either :wink: