My 500th post, Woooo Hooooo!

Fine -A- lee!

*** That’s 500 posts for Janx[color=#FF0000]![/color] ***

  / \
  | |
  |:|      __
,_|:|_,   /  )
  (Oo    / _I_
   +\ \  || __|
      \ \||___|
        \ /.:.\-\
         |.:. /-----\
         /   |:<_T_>:|
        |_____\ ::: /
         | |  \ \:/
         | |   | |
         \ /   | \___
         / |   \_____\

 I came, I saw, I posted!

I didn’t want to waste the big 5 oh oh on something Stupid superfluous

[we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.]


Thats Stupid AND superfluous, Sheesh! Screwed up my 500th post

Talk about Murphy’s law!

From one just-made-500-posts Doper to another, congratulations!

Congrats! I just made the 500 club, too, with a similar registration date. We’re just the kind who like to take our time warming up, that’s all.

** Scuba_Ben ** wrote…

** Salem ** wrote…

Thank Ya´, Thank Yá . :::shakes hands::: :::kisses baby:::

Actually to me it is a big deal because I never thought I would see it. When I see some of these posters with thousands of posts, I wonder how they can manage to have lives and jobs and still post that often, though, I realize some are handicapped and this a certain form of social activity, but others?

I actually print out the funniest threads and read them on the bus, sort of like lurking I guess, I rarely post to a thread that I have printed out, mostly because the bus has no computers.

Crongrats to you guys as well, HEY, lets start our *own * clique. Then we can start it all over again when we reach 1000? Waddia say?

Ooh, ooh, a clique! I’ve always wanted to be in a clique! It could be the Fortun[sub]ately, somehow made[/sub] 500 Club.

Janx, you can be Head Knight or Good Knight or something. Heck, we’ve got the logo, why waste the artwork?

Hey! I finally hit 500 too. Woohoo!

I’m posting because I think I’m right around 500 myself, too! I wanna be in this clique, damnit!

No one has commented on your ASCII macro. I like it, you make it yerself or copy/paste from somewhere?

Smashed, you’re almost in. Post back and say thanks and you’ll be one step closer. C’mon, you can do this. Don’t melt at the finish line, man (or woman. )*

Slick (who’s a little bit of an overachiever for this club ;)), I agree, it’s quite cool. When I said, “we’ve got the logo”, I was actually referring to the ASCII knight above. Sorry, I didn’t make that clear.

WooHooo, Zap! Welcome to the club. Here’s your shield.
pondering the issue of ice cream gender identity

Hmmm, should I go on a posting rampage just so I can join this club? Congrats Janx, don’t forget the little people who watched you get here :slight_smile:

** Salem ** wrote…

Works for me, we could be like a bunch of semi elitist snobs, always respond to people with under 500 posts in a sort of condescending way. There there you puny user with less then 599, you will understand someday. And if some interloper with more than 500 comes along, we just answer as if they are so old now they just dont understand the way we of the newer generation act.

//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/             ~~````~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\
||        | | |        |           O f f i c i a l           ||
||        | | |        |         500 Posts Club Card         ||
||      __| | |__      |  <-><-> exp. after 599 posts <-><-> ||
||     /         \     |                                     ||
||    / ^^\   /^^ \    |Name:                Janx            ||
||   |   0     0   |   |Email:    ||
||  (      | |      )  |School:            Hard Nocks U      ||
||   |      U      ||  |Creed:           Wheres the BEER!    ||
||    \    ____   /+   |Description: 6'3'', no visible scars ||
||     \  '--- ' /     |Hair color:  red, white, blue mohawk ||
||      |\_____/|      |URL:             under constrution   ||
||      |       |      |IRC: undernet:      #straightdope    ||

Naaah, just kidding - seems that way around here sometimes though.

** Zap_Rowsdower ** wrote…

Way to go * d00d (?) * Yer IN, cut and paste the official card above, change it so that it is appropriate to you, laminate it and carry it around with you, ya never know when you will need it. It helps when your opinion is getting snuffed over in GD, just flash that puppy and everyone will instantly agree with any opinion you have, (Cecil has a copy you know) also when making dinner reservations refer to our clique, you will always get the best table in the house - and its also good to flash to the cops in order to get out of speeding tickets.
** Smashed Ice Cream ** wrote…

All in favor say “Oggah Booga Wooga” ( The official clique grunt).
** SlickRoenick ** wrote…

HEY! Who let ** SlickRoenick ** in here? Oh, its OK I guess, you just don’t know how
we of the younger generation do things.

(Seriously: No, I did not, I don’t know who did or I would give credit. I have a ridiculously huge collection of ASCII art that I have been collection since my BBS days along with assorted applications for making ASCII art. Perhaps we could open an ASCII art appreciation thread.)

I can’t wait to see your 1000 post ascii Janx

I’m working on it ** World Eater**, it might just be ready by the time I reach 1000 posts. Have to open a new club the I guess.

And BTW, who let you in here any way, old timer.


You’ve been here longer then me! :smiley:

** World Eater ** wrote…

I don’t even want to dance on the head of the quality Vs. * quantity * pin.

Ya young whipper-snapper.
** MamaHen ** wrote…

Talk about some one who has been here a while. How ya been. I thought you gave up on the boards – too bad you cant be in our clique, well maybe we can make an exception.

BTW, The monkeys all say HI!

(Now hows that for being clique-ish!)

You most likely have me beat there. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll hand the thread back to you old posters who unlike me, seem to think before you post. :smiley:

Thinking about the relationship between post count and length of time on the boards BTW, the all time champion of the lurk has got to go to this guy who has been registered since August 1999 but has only posted 124 times. What a weenie.
While he often has something to say, *he has **never *started a thread.
(at least that I can find) We all know him, Cecil Adams. So by my reckoning he is not allowed in our club! I will draft an e-mail right away, revoking his club card. An NO this is not a cheap attempt to get him to come out of the library closet, just an observation I have made regarding the merits of social participation. I here by proclaim myself and our clique members cooler than Cecil, ‘cos we **participate **! We ** contribute **!
We have ** nothing better to do **!


(Ya Think the smiley will save me from his wrath?)

Rookies, the whole bunch of you. Feh.

:wink: of course.

I’s a gurl. And one post closer…