My adventures of last night (Don't read if you like spiders)

So there I was, sometime around midnight, minding my own business. Laying down facing the wall. My eyes were probably halfway open and was probably almost asleep. Then all of sudden, I see a little black dot going across the wall right in front of my face. I sudden jump up, and turn on my light, to see that it is a spider.

First instincts tell me to go run to mommy and get her to kill it. But I knew she would just yell at me for waking her up and that I could kill it. So I got a tissue, went back into my room to see the imposter hiding by my Steve Yzerman poster. As I neared, it freaked out. It began moving around really quickly, but not fast enough. I took my tissue in hand, and smothered the spider with one fatal blow.

I then proceeded to drop the tissue right on my pillow. No harm done, though. The part of the tissue with the dead spider was face-up. I then checked the wall for spider-guts. There was nothing, it was a clean job. I then scanned the room for any other life forms that shouldn’t be in my room. There were none. I must have scared them off.

Successful, I go back to my light and turn it off. I then return to bed and fall asleep, knowing they will return… But I will be ready for them.