My apologies to zut

zut, I am truly sorry for totally railroading your very heart-felt post about animal euthanasia. It turned into a really ridiculous argument, and I hsould have just let it go, but I made it worse…

Coldfire, please do not bring whatever debate about my cat or my intelligence you have to this thread.

Anyway, on a lighter and similar note… I was on my school’s Mock Trial team back in HS, and one year we did a murder trial revolving around euthanasia. Well, one of the witnesses I examined on direct was the housekeeper of a woman being accused of “pulling the plug” on her dying daughter. (The story was based on “Terms of Endearment” by Larry McMurty) We did it somewhat like an actual court case (in my county’s courthouse, presided over by one of our highest judges), and so we, the attorneys, directed our own witnesses who where then crossed by the other teams attorneys, and we would cross THEIR witnesses and so on. Our defense against their prosecution, blah blah blah. Anyway, this housekeeper was this Louisianna country woman, and so I told her that if anyone on the other team ever asked her a question during cross-examination using the word “euthanasia,” then she should look puzzled, pause a bit, and say “Sir, I don’t know no kids in China!”

:slight_smile: -Farris


Farris! When did you do that trial? Because I did the same one in highschool, I think. I was in high school from 1989-1993, and did mock trial all 4 years. And I think I remember that case! (I think I played the mother that year.)


Wow… Are you sure it was the Terms of Endearment thing? If so, then they lied to us, because this was 2 years ago and the Texoma Mock Trial board said they got special permission that year from Larry McMurtry to use his story because it was like the 20th anniversary of the association or something.

I was a lawyer for the defense and a witness for the prosecution – Flap Horton, the cheating husband (Jeff Daniels in the movie).

Different one then…but we had a VERY similar case the second year I did it. Daughter was on life support in a “persistent vegatative state” and the trial was over turning life support off. Was a fun case.

Yeah, this one was VERY much like that one. Where was your high school?

Annapolis, Maryland. They started doing mock trial when I was a freshman, and I just kept going. Made it to the Regional finals my senior year. (Woohoo!)