It's Time Again for Stoid!

Over in IMHO, Stoid, in This thread, our long-suffering lone lawyer (who knows more about law than either her counsel OR the judge) accuses her (let us hope former) vet of complicity in the death of her dog.

It comes down to:
Stoid has a history of passing out various controlled substances.
And she knows that Valium is used to control seizures in dogs.
She apparently took a sick dog to a vet and demanded Valium.
For some unknowable reason, the vet declined to provide another round of controlled substances.

Which brought me to this post, which, to be careful, I decided to put in the Pit. :rolleyes:

Pretend this is at the end of the linked thread:


Great moments in SD History!

After all this fun reading:

Stoid -

How long did you have to look to find a dog with ‘seizures’ so you could demand Valium with a straight face?

– OR –

How long did it take to find a way to make a dog act as if it was having a seizure?

“Here’s a sick dog - now give me Valium!”

Munchoundsen by proxy?

Weak pitting. I have no reason to doubt Stoid’s account of events. I also tend to cut people slack when a pet dies.

Got any other reason to Pit her?

Addicts are usually good manipulators, throwing in a dead pet makes us feel sorry for her. Not saying this is what she did but she could have.

If you don’t believe the story about the dog, why believe any of the other stories?

Which ‘others’?

The linked thread has several examples of her attempt to out-lawyer the lawyers AND distribute controlled substances.

As someone who had his pain meds cut by 2/3 because the DEA is pissed about the number of opiates being distributed, I really don’t appreciate drug seekers.
Even if they managed to find >= 2 dogs with seizures.

That is TWO (that we know of) dogs to come down with seizures - the odds of a single person having 2 such pets is stretching credulity.

Given her DEMANDING Valium by name! and getting pissed that the vet declined, I’d say the desire for Valium was the motive for having dogs with seizures

And remind me not to leave Stoid alone in my house.

For someone who ‘shares’ Valium and Vicodin, this place would be a candy store.

Not only REAL benzos, but opiates as well.

So how many dogs has Stoid killed at this stage? You think she would cop on at some point.

I mean, why believe the stories about casually distributing drugs and pro se lawyering? Couldn’t it all be a big troll?

If you’ve ever read the prior Stoid pit threads, you’d have no reason to accept her account of events. Hell, you don’t even need to do that. Just ask yourself what the odds of one person having two seizure-prone dogs might be.

Nah, I’m not going to stand by a Pitting of someone who just lost her pet.

And I’m definitely not going to accuse anyone of intentionally getting pets with seizure disorders or making a dog fake a seizure (???).

I’m a little perturbed with her for seemingly putting off care while she built a case for Valium but I’ve also read time and again that **stoid **is near house-bound. Well not house-bound but “block bound” in that she doesn’t seem to have the means to travel outside of her immediate area for stuff like a different opinion from a new vet. In stoid’s mind, changing the mind of the existing vet was her only option.

I don’t have the patience to slog through most stoid threads once they get beyond a page or two. But is she actually a “Valium abuser” or did she just mention once that she gave a friend a few of her own Valium because she thought the friend needed them? If it’s the latter, well, please. Everyone does that. Nobody gets to be a “known abuser of Valium” if that is what happened.

**Stoid **may be a lot of things, and a lot of those things are whacked the fuck out, but she is not an animal abuser. Sometimes we try our best and fail our pets. It’s a very hard thing to deal with, and I have much sympathy for her in this case.

I guess that would depend on what drugs she had been feeding the dogs.

For the record, I do not think she’s an animal abuser. In all probability, she’s a very nice person. However, I do think she’s delusional.

Yeah. Whatever Stoid’s failings, she loves her dogs. Sniping at her about the valium right now is just rude and pointless.

If that’s the case wit her, then owning a pet is pretty irresponsible if she cannot be bothered to get someone else to take the animal to a different veterinarian.

The stupidity and meanness of her posts are pretty much the reason a fair number of people can’t be bothered to slog through her crap.

Nope. Not “everyone does that”. There are those who will advise someone to see a qualified medical professional and perhaps suggest that the legally prescribed Valium (or whatever substance 'twas said professional prescribed) did wonders for the suggester, and then there are those, such as Stoid, who believe they know more about damn near anything an actual professional in a field would and, well, fuck it all, they don’t care about what the responsible thing is, they’re going to do what the fuck they want.

I have no sympathy for someone who puts an animal into a situation where, due to the person’s own issues, the animal will not be receiving proper care. This post of yours pretty much describes why that animal did not receive such care.

And, yes, she is whacked way the fuck out. At the moment, she’s showing, yet again, how irresponsible she is.

usedtobe: You’ve just discovered how whacked Stoid is and what happens when you point that out. She’s got her sympathizers, so, you’re screwed. It doesn’t matter how right you are to them. Actually, I’d say it’s actually that those sympathizers are more sympathetic to certain “hot button” issues and it’s those issues that Stoid is manipulating to get a groundswell, nay, a tsunami of support here. Do yourself a favor if you cannot train yourself to just bypass her posts–put her on ignore and improve your enjoyment of this site by decreasing the amount of stupidity you’re exposed to.

No one is doubting her account of events. She is being pitted because of what she said. You stupid piece of fish.

Oh what is that, you just murdered 14 people and wounded 20 others. Well you’re just a monster that…what, wait a sec, did you say your goldfish just croaked? Oh my god I’m so sorry. Here have some puppies and kittens and sunshine and flowers and no sir, we are not going to prosecute you. You have obviously been punished enough by life already.

Yeah, I’m tired of this shit, too. You have no legitimate gripe whatsoever. You’re just annoyed by a thread. And you know that Stoid is one of the whipping boys of this message board. So you think you can just twist anything she says and everyone will believe you.

She gave her friend an anti-anxiety drug because they were having a fucking panic attack. That’s caring about another human being. I know that’s a hard concept for people like you who think the world should revolve around what makes you happy, but it’s absolutely fucking normal behavior.

And if you don’t believe her account of events, THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PITTING HER FOR?

If she had any place to lie, it would have been when she lost her fucking case those years ago. Why the fuck let the lawyers on here know she lost? And if she’s delusional, you think she’s so insane that she only imagines her two pets had seizures? Yes, that’s so much more likely than the 2% chance that she’s had two pets with seizure disorders over her lifetime.

She’s just a know-it-all who had a rude awakening this one time. And, yes, her threads are kinda annoying. But that’s it. That’s her huge crime. Twisting shit to make her into some sort of drug dealer and animal abuser is fucking low.

And creating a Pit thread because you couldn’t convince people in the real thread? Brilliant move.

Let’s imagine that her pet did have seizures that were controlled by Valium. How could she act that would prove to you that its true?

Stoid is a woman not a boy. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension.

It’s also illegal.

Yeah, for criminals.

Because they don’t believe her. Again, WORK ON YOUR READING COMPREHENSION!

You need to calm the fuck down.

It’s one of her crimes.

She is a drug dealer. She has told us so several times. Again, WORK ON YOUR READING COMPREHENSION!!!111111oneoneoneone

Nobody needed any convincing Shakespeare but you go ahead and White Knight whatever you are White Knighting. Brilliant move.

If you had slogged through the threads, you might have seen this one.

and here’s a snippet.

My comment
“And I know a lot of people that don’t think twice about waving a knife in someone’s face and demanding their money” And none of them are muggers."

And then she proceeded to derisively mock several posters for their innocence in not acknowledging that “everyone does this” and she tells a story about how she spilt some drugs from her purse in the presence of a police officer and didn’t get arrested so that means even the cops know everyone does it and that it’s perfectly normal. (or they didn’t see it )

The thing is, I’m not innocent and I know that not everyone does this. I also know that this kind of casual multi-drug abuse is very common among women in the 55-70 age group, especially women that live alone. But that doesn’t make it normal and it certainly doesn’t make it healthy behavior.

And it can lead to an emotional and affective unevenness that interferes with friendships and relationships. In reading her work I can see how this may be happening to her.

I hope she works it out. And I feel bad about her dog but blaming the vet is misplaced, it was a very sick animal and stuff happens.