My aqqmbition - to start a thread that has zero views!

…so, why did you spoil my ambition?

Umm… All threads have zero views when created/started. You have accomplished your goal. Congratulations.

(A prize for whoever guesses whether I’m being sincere or sarcastic)

Actually I thought that because the board code always takes you to the thread itself after you’ve submitted it, every thread starts with 1 page view, thus, starting a thread with no page views is impossible unless, perhaps, you close your browser down before the “Thank you for posting your message,” page auto-forwards you to the thread.

Hey. I wonder if that would work.

I’m posting this without upping the view count. I hovered over the link to get the thread id#, then put it into the reply url for another thread.

If the world only had more people like me, people like you could reach your goals.

When I submit my reply, I will back out before being taken to the thread, and so won’t add a view then either.

So in theory you could have a thread with more posts than views…

Maybe waterj2’s procedure could be useful, if elaborate.