Hey, I’m starting a band, and we just thought of our name. I think that our name is going to be BLISS, I was wondering if anyone knew if that was already someones name or not, and if you have any other ideas for a band name, i would like to hear them. Thanks…


good name, already taken. There are a couple other blisses out there, I believe.

thanks, i was hoping there wasnt anyone who had our name. o well, we might use it anyways, sounds like they werent too big of a band.

that one’s up for grab

Incidentally, there used to be a band in my burg named Gliss. The bass player told me they sound “like a cross between Pink Floyd, Primus, and Pearl Jam.” Though I’m a sucker for alliteration, I decided to pass on them.

Before latching on to a name, check Ultimate Band List"
Band name registry
American Band Name Registry

and there are others. Just do a search on band names. While if the other band is not doing anything with it, you probably won’t run into problems, it just not cool to take a name someone else has been using.

IMHO, “Backwash” would be a cool name for a band, but again–that’s just IMHO.

led_zeppelin1971, you came to the right place!

The Straight Dope Message Board members generate more good band names right within their posts in an hour than have been thought up in the entire history of music.

Since the factual part of your question has been answered, I’ll just shoot this thread on over to our forum called In My Humble Opinion, where I’m quite sure our membership will be able to help you out.

How about NoBliss –

But Manhattan also has a good point, in his post alone, you could use:

The Factual Part

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Thought Up

How about these…

The Boots
Pan Tell Er Rite
Big Dogs Gone Runnin’ (B.D.G.R. for short)
Black 445
Enolan Copper

You can’t use The Jackbatties - that’s all mine.

oops, screwed a couple of them up, but you get the picture.

Well, thanks to the links provided by bdgr I was able to register my band’s name, Static Automatic. So big up there.

I always thought that Czarcasm has a nice ring to it. :slight_smile:

JDT and the Uncut Stallions?

There’s a 10-plex movie theater on the corner up the street from our apartment, and on the way home the other night, the juxtaposition of two titles on the marquee on top of each other provided the best band name ever:

The Mexican Exit Wounds!

Keep it simple and tasty.

The Mayonnaise Method.

The following names were rejected by my bandmates. Maybe you will like them:

  1. Ten Tall Men
  2. Byzantine Song Cycle
  3. The Cans

We ended up calling ourselves The DeLoreans. We are playing tonight (3/17) at Corbett McGee’s Irish Pub in Anderson, SC at 10:00 this evening. No cover. Everybody welcome. :slight_smile: