My bar

So I just got some new furniture for my home office. I am happy to announce that the bar is open!

If anybody needs me I will be in my man cave.


You’re never coming out, are you?

Aren’t you going to invite us? I heard that everybody comes to Rick’s.

I don’t see a beer cooler. But, that’s fine. Gin and tonic, please.

OK. I see a bottle of Buffalo Trace. We’re good.

Okay, I know it might be a little froo-froo, but I’ll have a lemon drop, please. Like, a really, really big one. And right now. The more alcohol you put in it, the quicker I’ll get over my jealousy.

Is that a bottle of Bailey’s in the corner? I’ll have one on the rocks…

Make mine a Woodford Reserve, neat.

delphica Only when I need more ice!

Sefton :smiley: Sure come on over. Actually when I get the back yard done, I plan to have a get together.

dalej42 Rangpur OK? I’m out of Bombay Sapphire.

silenus Look at the other end of that shelf, and you will see a bottle of Pappy Van Winkles. :smiley:

DeathLlama ::: Googles Lemon drop:::

Kythereia Bailey’s on the rocks it is!

pulykamell One Woodford neat coming up!

So, that’s ok, but when I suggest to people that we do speedballs, or go candy flipping, suddenly everyone gets all concerned? Sheesh, what a country.
(Seriously though, that’s way cool.)