My Big Fat Obnoxious Swan

I have a great idea for a new Fox reality series.

They take a bunch of ordinary-looking, insecure women and tell them they’re going to be receiving all sorts of free plastic surgery and will get to compete in a beauty pageant afterward. For three months, none of them gets to see her reflections in a mirror. Then, finally, at the end of the 3 months, each contestant is taken one-by-one to the Big Reveal, where she gets to see what she now looks like.

But what they haven’t told her is that the cosmetic surgeons, makeup artists, etc., have all been going out of their way to make her uglier. Her face now looks like a Picasso painting. Her teeth look like teeth that have been prepared for veneers and crowns but haven’t actually gotten any veneers or crowns installed (excetp for two or three crowns that are jet-black and shaped like bowling balls). Her body is a lumpy, loose-skinned, hideous mess. Her trainers have been telling her she’s been steadily losing weight on their program, but actually the scales were rigged to show false readings and she’s been unwittingly taking caloric supplements guaranteed to make her gain at least 30 pounds. Finally, fully half of them were secretly selected ahead of time to receive sex-reassignment surgery in addition to the barrage of uglification operations, and only now discover that their ovaries and uterus have been replaced with a penis.

And all the surgeons, dentists, trainers, therapists, etc. who’ve worked on her for the last three months, and who are gathered behind her for her big reveal, all point at her and laugh at what a schmuck she is, and repeatedly taunt her about what an ugly, worthless waste of skin she’s become.

However, she can still enter their beauty pageant if she wants to.

Of course, Fox would have to form a fly-by-night production company to film it, so as to deflect the inevitable lawsuits, but I guarantee Fox will get some serious ratings out of the deal!

While that sounds funny, I still wouldn’t watch it. My self-imposed ban on all reality shows wouldn’t allow it.