My Birth Theory

Birth as we know it , may seem painful, but as a 16 year old politician… (excuse my spelling) it defeats the purpose of my post.

My question is this:

  1. Dad has a meeting in 10 minutes which he decides he doesnt want to goto, instead, have a pationate time with his wife which leads to her becoming pregnant.

  2. The child they have some 9 months later is as he/she is, i will not try and give a detailed description, jsut take him/her as is…

If they had sex at a different time, that is, not in the morning , but rather at night, would the child that is born (result of the night) be identical to the one that was made by sex in the morning or is the ratio of success/failure a random happening when reffering to sperm and the egg?

I know my explantion is a lil dodgy, but i thin ktoo much in my own format, ( .zzz ) and as i try adapting it into the language we know as english, it is a lil messed up… so i apologise to someone trying to read “My Birth Facination” not in advance. hehe…

My theory is … well. i dont have one… thats your jobs…


Um … so … are you saying that English isn’t your native language, or merely that your thought processes more closely resemble a hallucinogen-induced daze?

It is all fairly random. A good book you might want to look at (by a PhD. but states laws vary, you might want to wait two years) is Sperm Wars. I forget the author, but you can find that out on amazon’s site.

This is more GQ than GD. The facts are fairly evident.

Well, since your dad is firing a million or so sperm into your mom (try not to dwell on that image too long, for your own good) the odds of that one sperm being the one that fertilized the egg are pretty astronomical. The union of THAT sperm with THAT egg that made you probably wouldn’t have come (sorry) together under any other circumstance.

On the other hand, that might not have made a difference at all, except in something minor like eye-color, or wether you got your mom’s nose or your dad’s ears. Who you are as a human being (I assume) may be more due to upbringing and values imprinted on you by your family, teachers, peers, etc. Since no one knows which of these is more important, or wether they are equally important, or if they’re more important in some people than they are in others… Well, if you can figure that out, you’ll probably get a Nobel.

Thanks ,

I am enlightened… but where i come from, the legal age for sex is 16 by law… and i think I am mature enough to take the matter of picturing my fathers sperm to further detail

And my thoughts are merely a bi product of boggled imagination… i have learnt basic german and chinese at school… although i do not think this would have anything to do with my ingalishhh problem
ehehe… .

Thanks for replying so quickly…
I appreciate it a great deal


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I do not believe it is…

I still get my message across whether I use the appropriate commas, capital letters, hyphens etc…


Is this the point you were trying to make to me subtlely freedom???

(oops too many question marks :stuck_out_tongue: )


In clinical terms, it’s a crap shoot whether conception will occur any time fertile adult humans have sex. :wink: The odds that the sperm that succeeded this time would’ve been successful had the circumstances been different are pretty long. Heck, the odds of conception can be pretty long sometimes.

I’m fairly certain my son was concieved the very first time my ex and I had unprotected sex, right after we were married. Prior to our meeting for the first time, TW (That Woman) had been having unprotected sex with her BF for four years without getting pregnant, so your mileage may vary.


If you pulled that out of the other thread, then it was pretty clever.

I’m nowhere near one of the sticklers around here, but check out the first reply in this thread to you. If you want to get your issues addressed and ideas across, it is best to do that in as easy a way as possible. I know I would never score an A+ on my grammar, but I am happy with a solid C+ on the grammar, as long as the rest of my post is up to snuff.

I just thought your OP was funny in light of the recent thread that is still going on.

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