My boat sold in an hour

Last year in the winter I bought a little sprit-rig sailboat from a neighbour for $400. Cute little wooden thing that was fun to sail. It even had an electric trolling motor, which I never used. But I also have the ‘zodiac’ Mercury 14’ inflatable with a 25 hp 4-stroke. That one’s much better for crabbing, and I’ve been diving off of it too. The little wooden boat hasn’t seen the water in a year.

I erected the mast, hoisted the sail, put a ‘FOR “SAIL”’ on the boom, and parked it in the front yard. It’s been raining, so I covered it up. Today when I got home, I took the covers off of it. Less than an hour later, a neighbour came up to my door and wanted to buy it. They have kids or grandkids, and they said it would be just the thing. The kids don’t much care for their 26-footer.

I got $400 for it, too. :slight_smile:

Usually when things sell that fast, you underpriced it.

But in this case, you got your money back, made some kids and the parents happy. Sounds like a good deal…maybe not financially, but good karma.


Maybe it was underpriced; but the guy who bought it is part of a family that owns a lot of the neighbourhood. Could be that he just had the money.

I looked down the street just now, and the boat was floating in the bay. They said I could use it if I wanted to. Maybe I should take them up on it? :wink:

YAY for you!

I once sold my late brother’s car before it was officially listed in the car advertizer magazines.

We were at some kind of Home & Garden Show and you could list a free classified with them with 10 words or less. I put the info in and got a call on it before the scheduled run date by someone who read the ads on line. I sold it to the guy too. He was happy. I was happy. Everyone was happy.