My boss: a laptop on aggressive battery power settings

I guess this is how you work insane hours for decades: go into standby if nothing happens for two minutes.

We’re working on the 70th-to-last problem on this project and we’ve altered some code. That means I’ve got to save a couple of things, then recompile the code, then run a simulation and look at the results to see whether the problem’s solved. It’s a little thing and takes about 3 minutes. If we win, we’ll move on to the next disaster.

After 30 seconds I’m confident that I’ve made the machine do the right things and start waiting. The boss is pretty soundly asleep by then. The simulation finishes, I kick him a little and on we go.

He looks refreshed. He says he’ll die in harness and I believe him - it’s work or unconsciousness.

My parents, on the other hand, seem to have gone read-only. Last weekend I explained to my mother for about the tenth time that Indian milk and other dairy products were not poor quality but really very nice. Doesn’t seem to be taking, but I can’t find the little tab.