My brother is dumb sometimes

My brother was going out of the house the other day and my stepfather was trippin and he told my brother to pull up his jeans because he didn’t like the sagging and I could tell that the situation was going to get worse if I didn’t do something. I took my brother into our room and told him to pull up his pants and put on a belt and tuck in his shirt and when he gets away from the house loosen the belt or take it off and untuck the shirt and avoid conflict.
My brother goes back out where our step dad is with his pants pulled up and a belt and his shirt tucked in and everything is ok until he comes back in the house 2 minutes later because he forgot something with his pants sagging and my step dad starts going crazy even more and this huge dramatic scene took place in which doors were being slammed and it ended with my step dad taking a pile of clothes he found objectionable and he threw them away. Being the nice brother I am I rescued the clothing and put in the trunk of my car and will give them back to my brother in time for school so he doesn’t have to wear the same slacks he wears to church to school. Anyway the tension is so thick even now that it could suffocate you and it all could have been avoided if my brother wore a belt and pulled his pants up for about 10 minutes. :smack:

Your stepfather was angry enough at baggy jeans as to throw away your brother’s clothes? That seems OTT to me, but then that’s just me. It just seems like your brother shouldn’t have had to tidy up for 10 minutes over his way of expressing himself. If that’s the way he dresses that’s the way he should dress, don’t go behind your stepdad’s back.

Kudos to you though for saving the stuff. Nice one :smiley:

Let’s just say…that whole incident was the “tip of the iceberg” and they don’t get along anyway so throwing the clothes out would not surprise you at all if you spent 3 days around my step dad and brother.
I myself don’t get along with my step dad all that great but since I am older I can do simple things to avoid conflicts and I can actually be cool with him sometimes unlike my brother who can’t or won’t do a simple thing like wearing a belt until he is away from the house.

Yeah but baggy jeans, comon – pretty soon he’ll find himself in one of those hip-hop cults.