My Brother left for Iraq today

He’s in the Air Force. It’s his second time to go; I guess I’m not really that scared for him. He swears the place he’s stationed at is very safe. He actually volunteered for it, he thinks it’s a beautiful country. He’ll have finished his time in the Air Force in January, and he said he won’t re-enlist. I’ve been so happy about him coming home, and now he’s going even farther away.

I worry about him even though I do believe he’ll be okay. I wonder about him. I guess he’s on the plane now. We talked for a couple hours last night. He actually tried to commit suicide early this year; I figured no way would they let him go after that, but I guess I was wrong. I know he’s an adult now, and I respect his decisions, but I just wish he would make the decisions I like! He’s always been my baby brother, and I want to take care of him. I want to help him find whatever it is he wants, whatever it is that makes him feel like he needs to go so far away from home. I miss him. :frowning:

Tell him thank you for me. He’s doing a wonderful thing.

Do his superiors know about his suicide attempt? Is he getting help?

Wish him good luck for me.

I know many guys who think it is a beautiful country.

Yes, they know. He has been on anti-depressants for some time, and he stopped his medication suddenly. He had a lot of leave time saved up, and they made him take it. For whatever reason (he won’t really explain, and I don’t want to push it) he stopped his meds and sat alone in his apartment going nuts for about four days. Then he cut his wrists up. He has been back in treatment ever since, and he seems to be okay now. When it happened I was terribly upset (obviously) but I thought, “Well, at least now they won’t send him back to Iraq.” But, he wanted to go, so he is.

By the way, I am totally aware that this is a completely selfish way to feel, because even if he stays home, someone has to go, and that someone is somebody else’s brother. But this is my brother, and I want him here. So, sorry if I seem self-absorbed. I know everyone with family over there worries and hurts, and I know he’s a lot safer than most people. It still really sucks though.

May whatever gods there be, be with him and bring him home safely.

You’re not being selfish. He’s your brother, he’s going into harm’s way, and you don’t want him to get hurt. Completely natural. However, it’s his choice, and he wants to go. And that’s what makes him a hero in my book…he knows he could be hurt or killed, and he’s going anyway.

I applaud him, and hopefully his little vacation from his meds has taught him that he can’t stop taking them. Ever.

Wish him good luck from me and tell him I’m right proud of him too.

And hugs to you too for being such a great big sister :slight_smile:

What does he do in the AF?

I wish him the best of luck and would gladly trade places with him. Seriously, if he is going to where I suspect he is, I had a good time at that location. Operations Security prohibits me from asking the exact location, but tell him to check out the MWR building, and if the hottest woman he has ever seen in his life is there handing out video games, Og, I envy him and his 90 day deployment.

SSG Schwartz