My brush with greatness.

Well, I have never been even borderline famous. But with Eve and Aha as gen-u-wine pop culture heroes (meaning that I heard of them before I started here) I was wondering if I should be familiar with anybody else. Books? Recordings? What?

Was wondering the exact same thing, drop and was thinking about starting a thread on the subject. You beat me to it. So, how 'bout it, celebrities. Want to come out of the closet, so to speak?

P.S.: What about yourself, drop? Invented something revolutionary lately?

You mean you’ve never heard of me before? :confused:

Shayna your beauty and bubbling personna have already preceded themselves. :slight_smile:

I’m a Goddess, and I’m a little pissed that you haven’t heard of me. Now, where’d those damn lightening bolts go?

You’re kidding us, right? You’re not, like, the real goddess, are you?

What do YOU think? Are you the real Omni-not? Things are a little slow nowadays for us Greek deities, so I hang out on the message boards a lot.

Oh, great Athena! I apologize for neglecting you! It is just that this worm is not from Athens and the worship of the great goddess Athena has fallen on hard times around here. I will go right out and kill a sheep in your honor.

And, Shayna, my love, my light, my dearest sweet. Who the hell has ever heard of you outside of Dopeville?

OOOPS! Ran out of diplomacy towards the end! Let’s try it again.

Shayna, sweetums, darling, honey pot. I apologize that my knowledge of culture is too base to have encountered anyone of your beauty, talent, and sophistication.

Whew! That was close! But when I first saw your picture I must honestly say that my reaction was, “That face; that dress; they look familiar. Do I know her? But from where?”

Anyone of you perverted types out there have probably seen my work on the web-I’m a photographer whose stuff comes up quite a bit. But that’s about the extent of my fame (seeing as most of it goes uncredited, thank goodness.)


OoooOooooh, I LIKE that! Mmmmm… thigh-bones… and remember to grab some oxen next time you’re in the mood to sacrifice, dropzone.

Only the most perfect oxen for you, my lady!

Agentakbar, we need some links here. You can’t just CLAIM to be famous, like Shay…I mean, well, you know.

I second dropzone’s motion, Agentakbar. Show us the pics! All those in favour…

For any of you who read the Vienna Connection several years ago (like 5 or 6 years ago) I wrote a column for it in the school section every few weeks.

Okay, so nobody’s heard of that. I’m currently a pipe-dream aspiring singer, hoping to get my big break with brunetter’s jazz band, despite not being a member yet :slight_smile:

I’m an incredibly non-famous nobody.

But I was thinking this morning - what ever happened to Paul Williams? Remember him? Little blond guy with glasses, acted in a lot of films and TV in the 70s, and wrote and sung these excellently catchy tunes for things like Bugsy Malone and Phantom of the Paradise.

So it occurred to me that maybe he’s one of the Dopers. But hiding his true identity.

Ha! First of all, I’m not famous. Second of all, can you post those kind of links here? If it can be done, I suppose I can drudgingly provide you folks.


Guano: Surely you can’t be telling us, sotto voce, that you are in fact this odd-looking little creature I remember from the '70s? Or is my imagination running wild again?

:rolleyes: :wink:

Agentakbar, are you telling us that you are a cough cough porn cough cough photographer?


Besides being on that silly textbook cover, I’m just an ordinary roo.

I’m not Paul Williams! Heck no. Then I’d know where he was.

Last I heard of him he was the voice of The Penguin on Batman Animated.