I had a dream about Eve

…but I don’t remember it very well. Something about Eve being in hiding and I was supposed to protect her in some way, like I knew where she was hiding and I was under strict instructions not to give it away.

Then there was something about my being acquainted with two married movie actors, say on the order of Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, and I was hanging out somewhere with “Kyra” and her kids, and we were talking and I mentioned Eve and realized I had given away whatever secret I was keeping. Eve was very disappointed in me, really disgusted with my immaturity.

Of course I don’t know what Eve looks like or sounds like, so how we communicated with each other is a mystery. She’s just kind of a…presence.

Anyway: Eve, if you see this, I’m so sorry I let you down. :frowning:

Dammit, a35362 . . . Now I have to get Kyra and Kevin the hell out of my apartment . . . They are such slobs, and does Kyra even offer to help with the dishes?

We all dream about Eve, a*. You just have to learn to live with it. Ever since she learned how to make those mind control rays that go through tin foil, we’ve had no sleep.

That’s why I cover my head with a 2 inch thick layer of Spam[sub]tm[/sub]. I keep it in place with tin foil. Voila. Problem solved.

Now if I could just get The Man to stop irradiating my 'nads. That lead underwear really chafes.

a* wrote:

“She’s just kind of a…presence.”

Truer words were never spoken

I’ll talk to him about it.