my car got stolen. from a garage. help.

Oh, I’m so glad you found your car! The police are so awful with stolen cars!

Both times my sister’s Saturn was stolen, she had to go looking for it to get it back. First time my husband found it, second time she and a friend of hers went looking for it.

Did they still have the keys?

If they do not, it could be inferred that they garage gave your car away. :eek:

Cops not wanting to do their jobs seems to be universal.

Yeah, but at least in that case they actually wanted the victim to do the legwork. Sounds like the NYPD not only didn’t want to investigate it, they didn’t want buncombe to investigate it either!

Great story, anyway.

What a story!!! I’d consider parking your car at a different garage in the future.

Oh, and check into those parking tickets. The authorities that issued them won’t know your car wasn’t in your possession at the time. It would totally suck to have the cops after you for unpaid parking tix!

:smiley: That’s too funny! I’m glad you got your car back, all in one piece. Good detective work! I have an older car (nearly 10 years old), I like it a lot, and I’d be very unhappy if someone stole it.