My car rocks

I just got back from the car/home audio place where they did a professional install of the video screen for my in-car computer. I’ve just recently rebuilt the whole system and figured it was time to put on a decent interface, instead of the radioshack project-box I had been using.

Lorelei (my car) has, in addition to the normal car radio stuff:
[li]well over 1000 mp3s[/li][li]GPS with both Street Atlas 8 and Rand McNally Streetfinder[/li][li]a rather ergonomic trackball mounted on the center armrest[/li][li]a really cool looking 4" LCD monitor on the dash, with power controlled by a discreet switch under the steering wheel[/li][li]normal Windows stuff for passengers to play with if bored (solitaire, etc)[/li][/ul]

The computer is mounted in the trunk on some shock absorbing foam. It’s a homebuilt K6-300 with 64M Ram, 13Gigs of hard drive, Awe64 Soundcard, and ATI tv-out video card. The stereo thinks that the computer is a cd-changer.

Sometimes, it’s good to be a geek.

My goodness, for real? A PC in your car?

Wow. And I thought I was a bit geeky for being such a Visor fan. :smiley:

Isn’t one of the large SUV’s being offered now with an optional PC? Ford Explorer, perhaps. Or maybe they’re talking about that as a future offering… And people complain about cell phones* now!

I have the same set up in my car, although I have an old 15" monitor right now. Gotta get me one of those LCD’s.

Nerd, you rock.

at the next dopefest, I am riding with you, Nerd!

No, this car rocks! And rolls too!

I simultaneously hate, envy and respect you.

What, no heads-up display on the windshield?
What kind of dinosaur do you drive?

I thought about doing a heads up display on the windshield (the LCD has a switch to left-right reverse it which would make the reflection correct), but I figured I didn’t want any more cop-bait than I had to. The dinosaur is a '95 Ford Probe :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get some pics and update . That page describes the previous incarnation.

PS: my Visor rocks too (though it’s completely standard).

Rob, check out for good lcds at decent prices. Not 15" though.