My car's been towed...

Worst. Night. Ever.

It started out okay. I got out of class at 4:30, started on my voyage to get my registration renewed.

Sat in traffic for 2 hours. Realized there was no way I was going to make it to the RMV by 7. Decided to just go home, and do my registation tomorrow when I get out at noon. Turn around, and sit in traffic. Remember they shut down my exit, so I have to take the Ted Williams tunnel to get home. Go through the tunnel, and come out about half a mile past where I needed to be. turn down the next road I can so I can do a uturn, and go home. End up on a long string of one way streets. Get incredibly lost, about (what I thought was) 3 miles from my house. Get frustrated. Apparently drive too fast. Get pulled over for speeding. Cop, while really nice about it, tells me that because my registation is expired, my car can’t be on the road. Watch as my car gets towed. Am stuck standing out in the 12 degree weather, with no one to call to come pick me up. Try to call a cab…my phone is very near dead. Walk to a gas station. Call a cab. Realize I left my ATM card in my car, along with about $50 in cash. Scrounge through my bag to find $4 in singles. Find out a cab from where I was to the train station was $5. Start crying, out od frustration. The cab driver took pity on me, and accepted my $4. And he gave me a dollar back so I could get on the train. Stand on the platform for 25 minutes waiting for a train. I can’t feel my fingers. Or my toes.

Finally get on a train, and go home. I have no idea how I’m going to get to work tomorrow. I have no idea where my car is.

I need a hug…


{{Pammipoo}} hugs and happy thoughts, that is a sucky day…

That really sucks. Bigtime. I hope tomorrow is better.

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Well young lady, I hope that teaches you not to wait until the last minute to get your registration renewed. And watch that speeding, too. Think how much worse it would have been if you’d gotten in an accident or run over someone, then you’d know what real trouble is. And why don’t you call more often? It wouldn’t kill you to pick up a phone once in awhile, you know. And are you seeing anyone? What ever happened with what’s his name? We all thought he was really nice. And when are you …
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Seriously, I do sympathize, and in my experience, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. Hang in there.

Oh my god that freaking sucks.
I have a question though, to ease my curiousity.
How late is your registration over due?

Because…see…[sub]I’m driving around with expired registration[/sub]. I failed my smog, saved up enough money to get my truck fixed and now am waiting for my truck to be fixed tommorrow. Monday I will go get retested. But still…I am driving around with expired registration. I’m scared shitless because I am a delivery driver. My sister says she gives me another week before the police start hassling me. btw mine expired in January

If he just left you there in 12 degree weather he does NOT sound nice. I have had my fair share of bad luck too lately.

Three weeks ago I was driving to work when I started smelling smoke. I pull over…my car is on fire. I grab my cell phone and call 911. A friendly woman in a minivan pulls over and lets me wait in her car while we wait for police and fire dept. to arrive. It took the deputy sherriff 3 minutes to arrive and the fire dept. about 5 minutes more (Their station was only 3 miles away). The deputy was very polite and chatted with me while I filled out a statement and he filled out a report. He kept teasing the fire crew and trying to speed their asses up. At the end, he walked me to my car and let me inspect the damage (total loss) and then offers to drive me home or anywhere else in the county. I told him to just drop me off at school (I work for a school district) which was just down the road. When we got there I thanked him for the ride. It only took 30 minutes from the time I called 911 till I was being dropped off at work.

A couple days before that I got a parking fine (not from a real cop though), although it was in error and I appealed it. Then just last week the power supply in the computer fried, costing me 25 dollars.

I can’t wait to see what happens next…

So did mine…

Wow, my registration expires in June, and one year it drove around until October before I got pulled over for it. And all I got was a ticket.

Man, the local cops must be on a rampage. I just registered my car in Mass (Woburn), and was at the end of the time limit for getting it inspected (one week), although I think I had until the end of the day. I leave my apartment, and a cop is waiting for me. Clearly waiting for me. Doesn’t even look at me from an angle where he could see whether I have a sticker or not before pulling me over.

Let me off with just a “friendly” reminder, but still freaked me out.

On one of the Firesign Theater albums is a song, dolefully sung to the tune of the carol “The First Noel.”

Toad away, toad away.
Toad away, toad away.
Where can you go
When you’re toad away?

What does having somebody pull your car away with a truck have to do with amphibians?

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The next new CheckCard commercial:
Speeding ticket for 12 miles over the speed limit:$95
Taking a sick day to get crap done: approx. $150
Cab to train station: $4
Tow truck charges: $95
Train fare to Brockton: $6
Cost to renew a registration: $41
Back excise taxes: $97
Learning to always have a valid registarion: Priceless

Today was the worst day ever, part 2. So I woke up this morning at 7, and called the corporate office to tell them I wouldn’t be able to make it in today. Got on a train, and went to my mom’s house. Went to the Rmv to renew my registration. After waiting in line for 25 minutes, find out my registration is un-renewable, because I have an outstanding excise tax from 2001. I have to pay that befoe I can get my sticker. I have to go to the town clerk of the issue city. Bridgewater. Drive all the way out to Bridgewater. Find out they can’t take payments there, I have to call a number and give them a credit card. Call the number, agree to pay the $97 (for what should have been a $40 bill…), and find out I also have to pay an additional $3 because I’m giving them a credit card. WTF?? The town clerk told me thiswas the only way I could pay, and I have to pay an extra $3? It’s the principle of the matter. Give them my checkcard number, get te okay that my record is cleared. Drive all the way back to the RMV. Wait in line for another $15, and pay the $40 renewal fee. (Used to be free) Argue that I just redid my registration in November when I moved up here, so I should be exempt from the charges. Lose. Drive all the way up to Wintrop. Pay the $95 to get my car un-inpounded. Notice that my front bumber is dragging. Point it out to the tow truck driver, and he tells me it’s just a mud flap, and it’s not important. Go to the Wintrop P.D., where my mom proceeds to raise holy hell with the sergeant on duty. No dice. The officer did everything by the book, the rules say they’re not supposed to have civilians in their car unless they’re under arrest and in cuffs. While 30 out of the 40 officers in the precint would have driven me home, I just lucked out and got the asshole who was ready to give me directions to make the 3 mile walk in heels. While my mom was understanding of their situation, she’s going up the chain. She works for the Dept of Transportaion. She has good friends in the Mass. State Police, the Boston PD, and the Cambridge PD. She’s ready to fight. It’s funny, my mom may not care about 9/10 of the things I do, but if someone messes with her baby, she’s all over it. The idea that the officer was ready to leave me in 10-15 degree weather, in a strange neighborhood, she’s ripshit. Really, all I can get out of is the ticket. The tow truck fees I might be able to get waived, but they’re an outside company. It’s not really right to not pay them because of the police dept. The registration and excise taxes I would have had to pay eventually. It just sucked that I had to pay it all today.

I need to go out tonight…

Rules or not, I can’t believe that a policeman wouldn’t make an exception in 12 degree weather and at least drive you to the nearest public transportation place.

I’m with Mom on this one. Somebody should catch hell!

Do go out and have fun tonight…

My mom would be ready to kill if I got left in weather like that, if we lived somewhere it got that cold. (I wish I did, actually.) I can do what I want, but if somebody treats me badly, uh-oh…

Sorry about all of this. It sounds AWFUL. My registration is up next month, and not only do I need to renew, I need to register my car in a different state, since I’ve moved. I anticipate much pain and expense.

Poor Pammi! I hope all this is behind you now—what a butthead that cop was!

What if no one picked you up? What if you had sprained your ankle and collapsed behind a dumpster out of sight? What if some vagrant kidnapped you and did evil, evil things to you? What if you got frostbite? What if…

I know I’m exaggerating, but for the love of God, isn’t that WRONG? Just leaving you like that in the freezing cold. I’d call in and complain.

First off the cop was a complete dick in my opinion. A couple of years ago I locked my keys in my car…@ 4 in the morning…in another town. I flagged down the sheriff and asked him if there was any way to break into an electric lock car without breaking a window. He said no. It was like 30 degrees outside. He offered to drive me back home. He was very nice and just told the dispatcher that he was giving a courtesy ride to a stranded motorist. I thanked him. I hope you get some results with your complaining. You deserve it.