my cat came back !

got a message from my mom. she left the back door open last night …

and Pixel is now home :slight_smile:

But now they’re dredging the river for the little boy that drowned.

that little slut…

Out all night doing God only know what!! :smiley:

actually he’s been gone over a week … and i’m traveling in Germany … so i was really worried …
but i’m relieved now … :slight_smile:

Hooray for Pixel. Just goes to show you that a much beloved cat is, nonetheless, a cat. Inconsiderate wretch! :wink:

Oh, I’m so glad to hear it! Little bastards’ll put you through hell, won’t they?

The very next day?

You thought she was a goner…

…she just couldn’t stay awaaaaayyyyyy…

AFG, where can I find that again? I saw a short film made with that song a long time ago on TV and nearly wet myself laughing…can you hook me up? Any info would be appreciated.

This is great news. I’m such a sucker for little kitties that I actually went to bed last night worrying about little Pixel after reading your post yesterday. I’m glad he found his way home. I hope the little heathen stays home now.

Hmm, well, it’s a National Film Board of Canada production…try their website, you might find something there.

Glad to hear the little trouble-maker is back!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

Glad to hear it. I read your earlier thread and was worried. It must have sucked to be so far away, and to be too worried to enjoy your trip.

When I was a little kid we had a cat that re-appeared after six months. That was freaky.

the muppets did a version of it one episode … season 5

thank you all for your concern !

i think the worst was being so far away and not able to do anything. but my friends were great, and so were you guys. :slight_smile: i am much happier now, and ready to resume exploring.

hopefully the little fuzzbutt will stay where he belongs for the rest of my trip !

If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back to you, it’s yours.
If not, it never was.
If it takes off again for a few days, it’s a cat.

Here you go.

Congrats, Pixisis, on the wonderful news. :slight_smile:

This place…you guys…I love you. :slight_smile:

That happened to me when I was a kid. Only the cat had to have been gone for more than three months. What was weird was just opening the door one day and Nagasua walking in like he owned the place, fat and sassy as ever.