My cat got stuck in a glue trap in my house

She was playing with a lizard she brought in, it ran into the trap, she tried to get it, and freaked the fuck out. We got her as she tried to run outside and we peeled it off, risking life and limb. We’re leaving for a week, should we pick them all up off the floor? They’re meant to catch scorpions, not cats.

You just need a bigger glue trap to keep the cat out of trouble while you are gone.

What if a scorpion gets caught and your cat ‘attacks’ it and gets stung? I don’t know if a free scorpion would be more likely to run away/ hide or stand it’s ground though.

Also think of the hours of anguish your cat would suffer if it gets stuck in the trap till whoever comes to feed it arrives.

I would remove the trap, personally. Are there any enclosed traps available for scorpions?

They are kind of enclosed, she reached in after her gecko. Im’ma pick them up.

Scorpions are good. They eat cockroaches.

Cockroaches are bad.

You’re in the kind of location with lizards and scorpions and your cat is free outdoors? That seems like a greater danger than glue traps.

How much of a danger are the local scorpion species to the cat?

Perhaps adding another layer of enclosure would prevent the cat getting stuck again.

Pick them up, just for peace of mind. You might leave an that are in a contained space where it would be dragged out into the cat friendly zone.

Vote for pick them up. When you come back, tell me where you live so I can avoid it. You seem like a lovely person, but scorpions are on my “nope” list.

Yep, pick them up.


Yeah any place where you have to set scorpion traps inside your house is a place I want to stay far away from.