My cat is really smart!

If this doesn’t prove my cat is smart, I don’t know what will.
(sorry for the crappy quality, it was my cellphone camera)

Ah, but what’s his favorite forum? :wink:

I will provide the counterpoint. I never realized how dumb my cat was - until this weekend.

Sunshine had a bladder stone removed on Wednesday. I brought her home Friday, and she is cone-head cat, because she licked off her pain patch when she was at the vet, and we don’t want that to happen with the replacement. So she’s been doing the standard “run in to stuff because her perception is thrown”. I expect that. What makes me think she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer is that she tries to groom herself. Which is fine - she is licking the inside of the cone instead of getting to her fur. What gets me is that she doesn’t lick a little bit and stop when she realizes that she’s not hitting fur. She grooms just as long, and tries to hit the same spots.


susan, I just saw an old Paula Poundstone routine and she mentioned the cone licking thing too. It’s really loud isn’t it?

My cats have no interest in the internet, sadly. They do know, however, that when the little guy in the box says ‘Goodbye’ it’s schnackie time. AOL trained my cats!

That’s definitely a smart cat – you should be very proud. :slight_smile:

I have a smart one too.

I’m temporarily laid up and using a wheelchair to get around. This means that when the Boomer the dog needs a potty break, I have to let him out via the door on the deck, because it’s the only door I can get to.

There’s no light near the deck. Boomer is black. I can’t see him after dark, so I don’t know when he’s ready to come back in. (I can’t just open the door and call him, because the Mick the cat will make a break for it, and I have no way to retrieve him.)

One night last week after Boomer had been out for a few minutes, I heard Mick at the door, meowing like crazy. Boomer was back, and Mick was letting me know.

Now when I let Boomer out after dark, I make sure Mick’s nearby. So far, he’s never failed to alert me when Boomer’s ready to come in.

(I guess I could just use a flashlight to check for Boomer, but I think Mick likes to feel like he’s helping.)

That’s wonderful! I wish my cats were that smart!

Incidentally, did you see VNV Nation when they were in Chicago? I saw them here a few weeks ago. They were great! As always, really.

Sure did, they were awesome. And while on this hijack, here are some cellphone pics I got at the show:

Ronan standing over us
Endless Skies…
More Endless Skies…
Let there always be neverending light…

Oh, it’s MPSIMS … She’s mainly just trolling for tuna threads.

Had a cat, now in Kitty Heaven, who used to turn on the TV himself in the winter so that he could lay on top of it as it warmed up. One day I came home and Wheel of Fortune in Spanish was on the TV. :confused: He had strange taste in programs.

This cat was an evil genius. He had a spraying problem, and used it to send messages. He hated my boyfriend, and would pee on the floor next to his side of the bed, so he would step in it when he woke up. He also whizzed on his baseball glove and guitar (try getting cat piss smell out of those), and his closet door (not mine). He was so into marking that he would stand up on top of tall furniture in order to spray the ceiling. When I got another cat, he would pee right into the new cat’s food bowl. Now that’s spite. He also used to stick his face into my boyfriend at the time’s ear and meow right into it to wake him up. He never did that to me-- he knew which side his bread was buttered on.

As my boyfriend would say, “Streaker is a dick!” Despite all of his evil qualities, I loved him. RIP Streak, you sly devil.

What a great picture! Sometimes when we watch tv the cats will appear to watch, too. My cat seems to be more interested in showing the computer her bum than watching it, though.

speaking of smart kitties…my old cat Shades used to meet me and my brother at the bus stop and walk us home. I’m not kidding!

Rubystreak, could it be that your cat liked your boyfriend, and was trying to “mark” him as property?

My cat Raven is transfixed by computer games. When my SO is playing World of Warcraft, I hold Raven up so she can watch all the “funny colors.” (I know cats can’t see in color, but that’s what we call it.)

I read (heard?) recently that cats actually do see in colour. Maybe I was just imagining it. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

Smart kitty! Mine enjoys the Pit, and spamming my EQ2 friends. My computer is a laptop, and she seems to take that literally - she sleeps on the keyboard.

Does my other kitty get bonus points for doing this? (WARNING: Video, wmv file, my father on dial up said “it was jerky, but we eventually got through it.” Works great on my DSL, though. Also, the quality blows. Apologies for that. Time we got a new camera…)

Phht. Doesn’t prove he’s smart. I’ve seen the posts by Le Cat.

Your cat is showing rather good taste! :slight_smile:

I envy people with smart cats, cats without death wishes.

This weekend my cat tried to kill herself by suffocation.

Carefresh litter is in a plastic bag and she was upside down completely incased in the plastic bag with her tail sticking out the tiny hole! I couldn’t get her back out throught hole - had to rip open the bag. shiver.

She left me then to visit my husband who is remodeling our upstairs. Apparently she spent the night trying to crawl into the now open heating vents along the wall. Stupid cat.


Eh, at least you’ve got a smart pet. Once, I tried to show my dog what these boards were all about. But, she started squirming and whining to get out of my arms. She eventually scratched me and bounded away. Aaah, I still love her, though.

We have a sort-of feral cat.

Just now, while she was in my wife’s lap, I shone a red laser light on my wife’s arm, right in the cat’s view. No reaction at all. Dogs go crazy for this light.

I said “sort-of feral” because she showed up on our deck three years ago and we’ve been feeding her ever since, but no one owns her, she never comes inside, ad as far as we know, she gets all her sustenance from us.

Earlier this spring, she responded to petting out on the deck. Now, she jumps up on our laps and wallows in nonstop, usually two-handed petting. She never extends her claws inappropriately (from our point of view, that is). You know how some cats like to dig in when they jump in your lap or in response to petting. Kitty never does.

But with all the hair she sheds, I felt I had to take a shower right after a lap session. My shorts and polo shirt were covered.

We have an 8 week old kitten in the house (The Face aka Peepers ended up staying in case anyone was following that thread :smiley: ).
She’s been driving everyone nuts with all her super crack-kitten energy. The biggest problem is she loves to play “bite-the-undercover-feet” while we’re trying to sleep.
Last night, before turning out the lights, we were lying back in bed and she starts in on mine. I told her “No!” as I always do, but this time I emphasized it by kicking out with the foot she wasn’t chewing on at the moment. I wasn’t aiming for her; I was trying to get her attention by moving the covers beside her.
Well, I got it.
She literally jumped one foot up and one foot backwards. Did I mention she was already at the end of the bed? :smiley:
At the crest of the arc a look came across her cute furry face (something akin to this: :eek: ) before gravity resumed and she went splat on the floor.

I thought I was going to hyperventilate, I was laughing so hard.
She had all her legs splayed out and that look on her face…oh, it hurts! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was cute, but I was especially amused by the one cat sitting in the big cuppy chair watching the tuxedo kitty running back and forth with that “stupid cat” expression on his face, and I was hoping the toy would get thrown up into the chair so the cat there would have to deal with the hyperexcited tuxedo barrelling up into his space. :slight_smile: