My cat is sick

We noticed that Katya hadn’t been eating normally. Then, on Friday and Saturday, she was vomiting. We took her to an animal hospital. They couldn’t find anything wrong in her blood work, but they’ve been keeping her and giving her IV fluids.

We went back to the veterinary hospital today to visit her. She was clearly not her normal self. She wouldn’t eat, even when we were there with her and petted her. They’re going to have an internal medicine specialist look at her tomorrow. I’m just hoping she’s going to be OK.

I don’t think I can say anything to make it better… :frowning:

I hope things work out all right for you and your furry friend. The little guys sure get to us, huh? :wink:

Take care, and keep us posted.

I’m so sorry. I really hope that it’s not serious.
I wish Katya the very best, and a quick recovery.

Scary stuff. I hope they find something easily treatable.

We just went through this at our house, and after a LOT of what turned out to be completely unnecessary procedures, a 14 day dosing of Clavomox cleared up the still undiagnosed ailment, which included vomitting and being off her food. I’m sure the vet has done a U/A on your kitty, tho that wasn’t very helpful diagnosing our kitty either. I get the need to rule out the super-serious stuff, but if your pet has been in generally good health and then just starts vomiting and loses the appetite, start ruling out the most obvious, least invasive, least expensive things first. We allowed blood work and an xray, then were pretty much badgered and guilted into an ultrasound - what ended up being a problem solved by a 2 wk course of Clavomox ended up costing close to 3 grand. And that’s because our vet went to DefCon 5 FIRST instead of starting out small and working up. Hopefully with the IV fluids, they have kitty on some general antibiotics to deal with unknown possible infections. Good luck! You are kitty’s protector - don’t let the vet take kitty OR you to the cleaners with unnecessary treaments.

Sometimes, kitties get sick. And a reason is never sussed out, but a round of meds can sometimes be just the ticket. Hope the resolution for your kitty is the easier and less expensive one!

She’s home now!!! :):):):):):):slight_smile: She seems to be more back to her old self. She wasn’t eating at the hospital, but when we brought her home, she ate a few bites of her food.

They think it was bacterial hepatitis, but aren’t sure. We got an antibiotic and an appetite stimulant to give her for a little while.

Glad to hear the purr is back!

That is great news!! Yay!!

I’m glad, Anne. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear she is hale and hearty and back home again with those who love her. I just had to put down a dearly-beloved kitty yesterday, so I know what you have been through.

I’m so happy for you! We just lost our oldest cat Monday, so when I saw the thread title, I got a sinking feeling. I’m glad that your kitty is on the road to recovery.

I’m sorry to hear about your kitty, gunnergoz. That’s a tough thing to have to do.

I’m so sorry, gunnergoz and InternetLegend :frowning: That is so hard. I know it will happen with our two cats sometime, but hopefully not anytime soon as they’re only a few years old. I’m gonna be a wreck when it does.

And Yay for Katya!! I, too, was afraid to open the thread, and now I’m glad I did. :slight_smile: