My cat is stupid.

A metalic THUMP…THUMP…THUMP can be heard whenever my cat uses the litterbox. It sits next to a metal file cabinet. He’ll balance himself on the upper edge of the litter tray, then bang the side of the file cabinet with one hand, trying to cover up the poop.
If the litterbox isn’t clean enough for him, he’ll scoop some litter onto the floor and pee on it.

We’ve got 7 cats, and I can tell you that generally, they are not terribly bright.

The best story (until I can think of some others) involves one of our balck cats. He was on top of the entertainment center in the living room. I saw him looking at the trim that is over the opening between the living room and the entyway. This trim sticks out from the wall about 1-1/2" and is about 6" below the ceiling. Not enough room for a kitten, much less a full grown cat. But he’s up there, doing that head bob thing like he is sizing it up for a jump. I’m watching him, thinking, “No, he won’t really try it. He’s not that dumb.” Yeah, he is. I was wiping tears from my eyes, laughing so hard. He jumped, did the little scramble thing briefly, then fell to the floor, no worse for the wear.