My cat launched a hairball - from 7 feet.

Miss Bitey has a bad habit. She learned, I don’t know how, that when the bedroom door is open, she can climb up the side of it like a tree (rather easy since one side, the side of the door facing the band room, has sound board on it - great for sinking the claws into).

She just did this about 10 minutes ago, then sat up on top of the door quite pleased with herself.

Then, the dreaded yacking.

Bitey: “yack, yack yack!”
Me: “Babe, grab her off the door, she’s going to puke!”

But I was too late. It was cinematic. She launched it dead center and sent it in dual streams on either side of the door, along with the offending bit of hair. The bedroom side is unfortunately painted with very cheap water based paint (hey we’ve been living on student aid). I get to repaint the door tomorrow, oh goody.

She of course is acting like absolutely nothing happened. “Me, do something as uncouth as vomiting in public? Never, darlings.”

The image you, uh, “painted”, made me laugh out loud this morning.

Always happy to provide a laugh. :slight_smile:

I’ve never been privy to cat yak. Are you saying it can etch or somehow ruin paint?

My cat’s breat smells like tolulene?

If cat yack fluids come into contact with water based paint, the paint can (and was in the case) ruined. Pretty much any liquid ruins it. The moral of the story is not to buy cheapass paint, but sadly I knew what I was getting into (my mom, Cheez_Whia knows her paint quite well and I by extension).

At least the crap was cheap enough that I’ve had a spare gallon for the past 4 years or so. I actually just repainted the door a month ago.

When come back from hardware store, bring good paint! :smack: