My cats are mechanically inclined

There was a story a few years ago about some Swedish guy who returned home after running some errands, to find that his two cats had turned on the bath taps full blast, flooding his entire apartment and causing thousands of [whatever currency]'s worth of damage. :eek:

You people are panicking over nothing, as long as we have the catnip we’re okay.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect kittens but they’re so darn cuuuutttteee what harm could they cause? :smiley:

Watch your ass, dude.

Well thank you

When I was in college my roommates & I adopted a little black cat with an extra claw on each paw. He had a hard time walking on carpet, but he was smart. He wouldn’t just try to open the refrigerator. He would pause a moment, reflect, then try to remove the refrigerator door. We were afraid of that cat.

I know, I’m a big sluggy fan that’s why I always try to have some non-soy milk on hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya’ll are making me miss my Merlo.

Merlo was waiting on me outside my building when I came home and decided I was worthy.

She watched everything and everyone. Interested in everything. I eventually came to the conclusion that she was an alien doing undercover research. She had been giving the basic information about cats, dogs, and humans. After studying them she opted to appear as a cat. But… the information overlapped and she would occasionally display characteristics of one or the other or all three!

After we came back to the states she no longer had a balcony to hang out on and to go outside required a leash. She wasn’t thrilled with this prospect but by day two had figured out the connection. And like her collar that she figured out how to get out of, unbuckle it, of course, she figured out how to get out of a figure 8 harness. Like a kid taking off a shirt, pull the elbows through the sleeves then pull the whole thing over your head.

Loved people food. Had to try everything at least once though she developed favorites, yogurt, pudding, cod…

She would watch me on the 'puter, watch her Daddy fix dinner. Had to be in the bathroom with you, always drank out of the toilet and jumped in the shower sometimes before you opened the curtain to get out.

Also watched TV. At first I thought they had hit the power button on the remote and turned the TV on. After a few times and realizing the remote wasn’t always in a ‘cat spot’, I came to the belief that it was intentional.

She loved to play fetch with Gummie Bears and had a preference in color and type of toy, feathers and pink. Life span of a pink feather toy in our house? One day. Not so much playing with it but intentionally destroying it.

(Merlo is now in powder form in a little box in my closet. Can’t bear to bury her as I’m not planning to live in this house for more than 5 years and I don’t want to leave her behind.)

We had a cat that learned how to knock on the front door when he wanted back in.

There was a piece of magnetic weatherstripping on the door that had come loose. Alexander would sink his claws into the strip, pull back, and let go; causing the strip to smack into the door.

It was really weird until we figured that out; hearing a knock at the door and expecting a human, answering it and seeing only a kitty walk in.