My cats are mechanically inclined

My cats are apparently now trying to becaome electricians. It appears they have given up on plumbing after removing the caps from the bolts on all my toilets, and have gotten bored with opening doors and unrolling toilet paper. Today I went downstairs and found a strange rectangular piece with a metal meshwork lying neatly on my counter in front of the toaster oven. I was at a loss to figure out where it came from until I looked up and discovered that it apparently was some sort of filter from the exhaust fan over the stove which they had carefully removed. I am going to have to figure out how to replace it. Meanwhile, I am still concerned that they are going to turn the gas on and burn down the place. While I am proud to have super-intelligent, mechanically-inclined felines, I wonder how long it will be before they move on from taking things apart and start putting them back together. I ask because I really need an oil change and I think they could handle it. Being small, they could easily fit under my car without one of those sliding thingies.


I didn’t know Schrodinger had *two *cats!!

Well he only had two cats until the box was opened.

I think they’re not really cats but alien overlords who took the form of the planet’s dominant species.

They soon found out the no opposable thumbs thing wasn’t a good idea.

It’s when you walk in and find them in the living room giving a PowerPoint presentation about human-sized electrical shock collars to a roomful of neighborhood cats.
That’s when you worry.

Two cats lived in the trailer by themselves. They turned a stove burner on once, so I had to remove the knobs lest they do it again.

You rock.

I don’t know about that - being mechanically inclined, they might figure out how to cut your brake lines.
They obviously don’t need you around. They’ll be able to figure out the can opener and how to work the water faucet.


They’ll still need someone to change the litterbox, so until they train the dog to do that, you’re safe.

You don’t have to train a dog, you have to keep the dog from…

But I do not wich to be indelicate this early in the morning.


My cats can work my kitchen water faucet. I’ve come home to find it running a couple times. One time the sink was plugged up and about to overflow. They haven’t yet turned on the gas stove keeps fingers crossed.

Personally, I welcome our new feline overlords.

If they’ve learned this much, it won’t be long before they’ll learn how to use the toilet.

But you don’t have to worry about them offing you. They still need you to go out in the world and earn money to buy them Fancy Vittles.

But there is a question I think you need to ask yourself…

Just WHO is the pet in this household?

Yes, yes!

May I bring you something, Your Grace? Perhaps a nice fat mouse?

Hey, if you let it get that far, it’s too late to worry! At that point, it’s time to follow VenusProbe’s lead.

I’ve removed the burner knobs. I had come home a few times to the smell of gas in the kitchen. It’s an old, old stove, with standing pilots, and the cat managed to turn the knobs just enough to allow gas to flow without igniting. He hasn’t managed to turn on the oven, yet. Keeping my fingers crossed, as that knob is a PITA to remove.

He has also turned on the TV and raided the fridge. If he had opposable thumbs I would lock up the knives.

People for the Ithical Treatment of Cats, er, Animals?

Hide any physics textbooks as well as issues of Popular Mechanics.

No kidding. What self-respecting cat would use PowerPoint instead of Keynote?


This is NOT making me feel secure! I wonder when I went from shutting them up in a room while I had the run of the house to shutting myself up in a room while they have the run of the house. I think it’s time to just accept my feline overlords.

Okay, everybody stay calm, ok?

OK, I think we’re save as long as we stay in the shower with the water running.


We’re not safe even there.