My cell phone hates me.

I’m putting this here instead of the Pit because I’m more amused than angry. Ok, maybe slightly irritated. I wanted to check my account balance, and the online instructions for my phone said to dial #999# to have the balance displayed on the screen. Cool. I dial #999#, and it connects to the network and a little message pops up that said, “Dial #646# to check your balance.” I figure they must have changed the system or somethin. No big deal. I dial #636# like the message told me to. I get back a new message that says…“Dial #999# to check your balance.” This throw me off balance; I thought I had dialed #999# the first time, but perhaps not. I decided to give it one more try, just in case. #999#.

You guessed it…

“Dial #646# to check your balance.” :smack:

I gave up at that point. I’ve pointed out the problem to them; we’ll see if they actually fix it. Stupid T-Mobile.

And of course, like clockwork, as soon as I complain about it, it works correctly. :dubious:

Like you said, your cell phone hates you.

What did you do to it? Maybe you can just apologize and it will forgive you. Depending on what you did, it could take some time, though.

I dunno, but I’m keeping my eye on it–I don’t trust it. Maybe it just wanted me to charge it; the battery was running a little low. I have no idea why it can’t just beep at me like every other phone does. :smiley:

Bolding mine.

I think I see your problem right here…

Agreed. But it has to be from the heart. If it’s a fake apology, it’ll know.

Buy it flowers and get it chocolates. It usually works for me.

And it might not work, for sure. I dropped one in the toilet once, and it never forgave me.

Can you blame it?

Here’s the problem. A cell phone needs the loving buzz of a charge in order for the love to keep coming (did I spell that right?). So do it early and do it often.

Neglect it at your own peril. Hell hath no fury like a cell phone neglected. Right now, the cell phone is showing signs of fickle behavior. This is one of the first early warning signs. Continue the neglect and cell phones have been known to explode in trouser pockets because cell phones know how to hit where it hurts.

Have you been working too much or playing computer games in your spare time? Cell phones don’t like this. It’s good that you’re keeping an eye on your cell phone. It needs more attention. It’s giving you the silent treatment which is much more concerning than the constant beeping for attention. Beware!