So the phone rings...

Me “Hello”
Angered voice “You have my phone”
Me “…What???”
– “I lost my phone and I just called my number. You have my phone”
Me “What the hell are you talking about? I’ve had this number for 2 years”
– “That’s not possible, I just dialed ###-####.”
Me “But my number is ###-###%, so apparently you didn’t”
mumbles something to a girl in the background “…What?”
Me click

Good pairing of name with content!

I’m not sure why people aren’t more polite. Even if you did have his phone, snarling at you isn’t going to entice you to give it back now, is it? Well, actually, one of my friends was able to get through to the girlfriend of his cell phone thief and totally intimidate you, so maybe it does work.

When I finally got a cell phone, I got a lot of calls that I thought were wrong numbers. None were in English, so saying it was a wrong number did not give satisfaction. Among the calls, I got a guy complaining that I was using his number. I assumed that he had the number wrong, but The Offspring says that they’re recycling old numbers quicker, now, and it’s possible that he used to have my number but hadn’t paid his bill. I told him to take it up with his carrier. Never heard back.

Hope it’s just a one time wrong number for you.

Angry voice: “You have my phone!”

Things you could have said:

“Yeah I know. This is Phil at the front desk. Someone turned in this phone a couple of hours ago. You should come down and pick it up.”

“No way! I just bought this phone fair and square from crazy Benny for $10 worth of crack!”

“Yeah! You’ve got some awesome pictures on here dude!”

I had pretty much the same conversation many years ago. I had been issued a pager for work and had it about a month when I recieved a page to a number I didn’t recognize. I called it anyways of course.

#: Hello
Me: Hi. I just recieved a page to call this #.
#: You have my pager.
Me: No, I don’t think so.
#: Yes you do. I lost it 6 months ago and I just tried it again.
Me: Did you report it missing?
#: Of course.
Me: They recycle numbers after 3 months.
#: Oh. Sorry.
Me: No problem. Have a wonderful evening. click :rolleyes:

Dude, I haven’t listened to anything they’ve said since Americana.