My Cell Phone Just Lost Its Connection to the Internet...

I don’t know if this is the proper forum for personal tech questions. But if I am wrong. correct me, and the lesson will be learned:).

But my cell phone just lost its connection to the internet. The text and phone function still work. Just the internet is gone now.

Could that be because I went past my data limit? Or it is because of a generalized outage in my area (I live in NW Detroit, FYI)?

Tech-savvy members of the SDMB please help me. I just don’t know what to do.


Do you show other wireless connections available?

It depends, is your internet connection from the phones Wi-Fi or SIM (network provider).

If the latter then you may have run out of data bundles.

Definitely the latter. Does this mean I will get my connection back January 1st?

My primary access to the internet is thru my cell phone now.

Have you rebooted your phone recently? Sometimes that will fix mysterious problems.

Eureka! (I think that is the right word.) I just got it back. In fact I am using it right now.

Thank you all for your helpful posts.

Boy, we are just like a family in the SDMB. Or, that might be a little bit too strong. But we are definitely friends. And we help each other out.

BTW, I checked my data usage on my phone. And apparently I am not even close to exceeding it. So maybe that wasn’t it:confused:?

Thanks again:).

So was it by the advice of any of the above responses that you accomplished this? Or did it just happen?

“Eureka!” is only the right word if you get so excited at having your net back that you shout it while running naked through the streets (preferably while dripping wet). I wouldn’t want to be doing that at this time of year (assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere).

I notice when losing my internet connection on my phone, sometimes turning airplane mode on and off will reestablish a connection with the network. At other times, yeah, my first instinct is to reboot it, because that will solve your technical problems more often than not.

I guess it just came back on its own.

Still there is a lot to say about moral support, esp. for problems in general.