My chrome browser is really messed up, how do I fix it

By messed up I mean when you are typing and you get the autocomplete box, the box is invisible and I can’t see it even though it is still there (I know its there because if I move my mouse below the box and click it will autocomplete what I’m typing). Also my youtube videos are usually just a black screen and I only get audio.

I tried deleting my cookies and cache, but all that does is force me to reenter all my passwords again. It doesn’t fix the problem. Does anyone know what else could be going wrong? I assume the browser is overloaded somehow, but I don’t know how or how to fix it.

The usual first step is to try to identify any problems that might be related to any apps or extensions you have installed.

Following that (or maybe as a first step), you can reset the browser to its default settings. Failing that, I dunno.