My computer didn't corrupt your disk damnit!

First of let me give ya’ll a little pre incident knowledge. I’m a supervisor of a computer lab at my college. In fact it is the largest/most used lab on campus. That being said we get about 750 users in the lab each day. Almost everyone one of them use the floppy drive [sub]and thus comes the rant[/sub]

Damnit man I’m sick and tired of fucking hearing how our evil computers have eaten and corrupted your floppy disk. You come in here telling me what happened (yeah sure you know how everything works that is why I’m a supervisor and you don’t even know how to insert a chart into word) and that I better fix it. Don’t get pissed when you expect a floppy disk to last more than a month when it just gets tossed into your bookbag and crunched by books and shit. I’m not a damned miracle worker. I tell you that you need to either use a Zip disk or expect this kind of shit to happen if you use a floppy. Yeah just role your fucking eyes at me like I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m only the person who fixes these computers whenever they are borked. Nevermind the fact that I’m a damned computer nerd and constantly build my own systems. DAMNIT!!!

Oh and another thing you know what B*** S**** Universirty? Pay me fucking $5.15 an hour I don’t give a shit really. It’s hard enough to live in a college town without a car because A) I cannot afford one because I don’t have a good enough paying job and B) I can’t get a better paying job because I don’t have a car. I’ve worked here for 2 fucking years and I haven’t gotten a single damn raise. Oh that is right I forgot you only pay students minimum wage and refuse to ever raise their pay, nevermind the fact that in some area students make 5.15 while someone off the street will start off at 8.50. Oh but you say well maybe they will raise the minimum wage requirements. Minimum fucking wage my ass I do tech support/ hardware fix/ run this fucking place/ bust my ass. I should easily be making double what I do right now. But fuck it I can not afford to find another job.

Oh yeah nevermind the fact that A) I work 9 hours a day with no breaks only a 1 hour non paid lunch break B) I hate this damn job with a passion C) Every single fucking employee my higher ups hire don’t know what the fuck they are doing D) Sadly with all the technology improvements today people don’t understand how to use a computer, hell I had one guy asked how to open up an internet explorer window. E) You fucking locked the damn OS with DeepFreeze so I cannot get into it and fix it whenever there is a software problem. F) You cannot find me a replacement whenever I’m sick and puking ever 15 minutes but when some dumb shit doesn’t even show up for his shift you say oh well we’ll find someone right away to replace him?!? I do all this shit without so much as a Thanks for the good job or Hey you are doing great. A little bit of recognition would go a long damn way.

Thank you all and have a nice day.


I worked at my school here in VT as a lab aid, and I started at $6.50 (IIRC). And, folks got raises. A friend of mine who has been doing this for going on 3 years is now making more than $8 an hour I believe.

$5.15? That’s just an insult.

Yeah $5.15 is ridicolous but like I said I can’t get a different job 'cause I don’t have a vehicle and I can’t get a vehicle cause I don’t have another job. Vicious cycle it is. I’d love it if all the student employees just went on strike, my uni would lose a couple thousand employees and they’d have to close down dining, computer labs, the library, and various other services.

You are lucky you have a paying computer job while so young. That’s the difference between being hired in your field at top pay, and not being hired at all. So quit your bitching. I sure wish I had one. Now when I’m on the job hunt I see that every employee want Bill Gates wannabes, people with extensive experience as opposed to having a degree. I find it impossible to break in without any experience.