My computer doesn't like my iPod

So, new computer, Windows 7. Attached my iPod, but since I didn’t have iTunes installed, it didn’t recognize it. Installed iTunes, and it said, “Hey, there’s an iPod there! It might need fixing, though.”
I said, “Okay, fix it.”
It did nothing. Then it stopped noticing it existed- it’s not listed as a peripheral, or anything like that. It gives me the ‘hardware plugged / unplugged’ noise if I hook it up or unhook it, but I can’t seem to access it in any other way.
Anyone have suggestions as to what I need to do? The iPod tends to be the soundtrack of my day, and I’d really like to get it working again.
(In interest of full disclosure, I use WinAmp as my sound-program-of-choice.)

I’m far from a Windows expert, but my guess would be that some non-apple USB driver is now controlling the iPod, preventing iTunes from seeing it. You probably need to fiddle with the device settings to fix it.

I’ve known people who had success with uninstalling then reinstalling iTunes, then connecting their iPod again. Sometimes an iTunes install just poops the bed and this is one way to fix it.

That happened with me once. I uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes and have been good ever since.

::knocks wood::

"Hey, there’s an iPod there! It might need fixing, though."
You should provide the exact message not a paraphrase. Is it more like the device is not usable because [reason given]? Another thing is to make sure that the iPod will work on another computer.

This is, I believe, what happened. It looked at it and said it was an unidentified USB driver, and didn’t know what to do with it. Any more specific instructions as to how to fix this would be appreciated.

Try the easiest thing first, in case you haven’t already: unplug the iPod from the USB port, and plug it into a different USB port on the same computer. Sometimes that’s all it takes for Windows to look for the correct driver again.

Also try (1) another iPod cable, and (2) clean the iPod socket of dust or lint. If your PC can’t see the iPod as a disk drive (regardless of whether iTunes is opened or not), the problem is likely in your iPod or cable. Windows 7 should automatically install the right driver for you. Or as someone has suggested, maybe your USB port is flaky.

It was, seemingly, a flaky USB port. Swapped it to another port, and suddenly I’m peachy again. Thanks a lot for the advice and help!

In late, but I’ve had the same problem, faulty USB port.

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, I’ve ranted against all things Apple a lot recently, but if it’s a new computer doesn’t iTunes have to wipe the contents of any unrecognized, unsynchronized iPod and start anew? I know it did with my iPhone 4 (just new hard drive, not computer)…