My computer shuts down torrented games! Help!!!

Every time I torrent a game and install it and crack it, when i go to play the game, a box appears telling me the program unexpectedly stopped. Then I have 2 choices, to ask windows for a solution and close the program, however, when I ask windows for a solution it thinks for a second and then closes the box without giving me any information. What could the problem be? (Note: I have a pirated Windows 7 OS, but I have used the same pirated OS on a different computer and(although it was 32-bit instead of the 64-bit version i’m currently using) torrented games worked fine on it. Help please!:frowning:

Methinks you joined the wrong message board…

Stolen games and stolen OS?

Well, there’s your problem!

Why should we help you steal?

I picked the wrong week to quit…you finish the sentence.


samclem. Moderator.