My dad's back is better than ever!

Over the past couple of years, my dad has had steadily increasing amounts of chronic back pain. It was suggested that he had some kind of arthitis in his spine :eek: but for as long as I have known him, my dad has been a living synonym for back pain :frowning:

He had to get an operation two days ago to help deal with the pain. I haven’t gotten the details on what exactly they did in there, but the whole family was anxious to know. I made a pit thread a week ago about how I was stressed out because my dad’s family wanted to drive up there to visit while he was recovering, and it put me in a difficult position (see my mom or see my recovering dad?).

The good news is that after the operation, my dad’s back pain was gone :eek: I mean, he feels better than he has felt for the past 20 years. They say that he will be well enough to come down and visit us, which means I will be able to see both parents this Christmas! :smiley:

Nice! Glad to hear the good news!

That’s great news. What a good gift!

When you find out what he had done, would you keep us updated? My SO has all sorts of things wrong with his back and will probably require surgery, so we are interested in other folk’s experiences.

Merry Christmas!