My Day From Hell!!!!!

OOOH I am soo mad.
Yesterday I had to have my brand new car towed away because it was sounding very strange. I then had to bum a ride to the dealership (which is almost an hour away) and deal with the hassles of getting a rental car. I got the rental car and then had to stop at the dollar store because the dog broke the phone cord at home and we were unable to use the phone. Then a pit stop to 7-11 which landed me home about 7PM.

I ran in the house to make a call and left my purse in the car. While I was in the house my 17 year old and 13 year old and 17 year old’s NEW friend were sitting in the car listening to the cd player. They got out when they were done and 13 year old locked the doors.

17 year old then grilled hamburgers directly in front of the car.

We ate (which this was all in about an hour time span)
I went out to the car and my purse was stolen.

I called the police and filled out a report. Everything is gone. picture ids, license, social security card, debit card, Visa, checkbook you name it…it was gone.

I suspect 17 Year olds new friend stole it as he was the only one (other then the boys) in the car. The car interior is all black and my purse is very small (the size of a thin wallet) and it too is black. It would have been hard to see it unless you were in the car. But I have no proof that this kid took it.

I went to the bank as soon as the doors opened this morning and we sat down and reviewed my financial history as best I could remember. You know last charges on my debit card…last check written…etc. Then we found out that the person who stole my wallet CHARGED $300 TO MY DEBIT CARD between the hours of midnight and 3AM. The person called Ft. Lauderdale and the police feel it is a porno phone line because one phone call was for $95.

The bank said in order to file fraudulent charges I needed a police report. So I called the police while I was in the bank but the police would not fax a report. They said I had to come in person to get it and they needed a copy of my drivers licesnse. I told them that my license was stolen and she said well I need it. Luckily the bank had a picture of my drivers license from 8 years ago from when I opened the account. So I then proceeded to the police dept.

I get to the police dept and get the report and it was WRONG. It said I DECLINED to have finger prints taken from my car because I had to run errands. Well I threw a big hissy fit cause that was not true and I felt it looked to outsiders as I was not being cooperative. I told the cop that I was never asked about fingerprints and the cop saw me follow him out the door when he left my house last night. I didn’t run errands I was driving in the neighboorhood to see if whoever stole my purse ditched it after they stole what they wanted. So I was at the police station for hours!!! I had my car fingerprinted (but they coulnd’t lift prints because of the condensation from the night before) I filled out a supplement to my report which clearly states I was never asked about having prints taken.

I then proceed back to the bank. I am then informed that I must have a VALID DRIVERS LICENSE IN ORDER TO FILE FRUAD PAPERWORK!!! UGH!!!
I told her I didn’t have one but coulnd’t they use the picture ID that they already had. NO! She said that license expired years ago.

So I drove all the way to the drivers license division (45 min) away and stood in another line. Only to be insulted by a rude lady that did not want to be helpful. She told me if I wanted more information I needed to get to the back of the line (MINIMUM WAIT WAS 4 HOURS IN LINE) I then asked her if I could get an internet address and do it on line. She gave me an address.

I then drove to work.

The internet address for the drivers license didn’t work. NATURALLY! So I hunted and pecked and found info. What did it say? It said YOU MUST GO INTO THE DRIVERS LICENSE TO GET A DUPLICATE IF YOUR LICENSE IS STOLEN! UUUUGHGHG!!!
So I found the closest one to where I work and I call for the remainder of the day. THe number was always busy or no one anwsered. So I am just going to have to go at lunch tomorrow.

So that is the game plan. Get the license tomorrow then go to the bank the following day and file fraudlent paperwork. According to the bank after an investigation I may be able to get my money back but there is no guarentee.

The bank just called as I was writing this and there is another charge for $59.70 on my card to the phone line again. It is called GCI Star Phone.

I am hoping that my memory of what checks I wrote is true cause if I am wrong there will be a stop payment on whatever checks try to come thru.

I called 17 year old and told him I KNEW his friend stole my wallet and he could not convince me any differently. He got mad and hung up on me. Not before yelling obsenities. So what do I do? Do I tell 17 Year old that his friend is forbidden to my house? I don’t actually have proof that he stole it but I feel so certain inside.

The other point I want to make is that the car is a rental. It is highly unusal I think that someone would attempt to get into a car that they are unfamiliar with in the neighboorhood in broad daylight. The car was not left unattended for a long period of time.

I feel violated, angry and so frustrated with the system!

Not your day? Well, I hope you cancelled the credit cards and stuff. Of course, I would be super super worried about them having your social security card. But first, ask your 17 year old about his friend. Have the police investigate him. I’m sure they could see if he made any calls from his house to that place or placed any transactions with your card. I’m sure he left a nice paper trail. Hopefully, their might be any officers that post on this board that will be to help you.

I’m truely sorry for your bad luck here and I really hope everything turns out ok. You never know though, this could turn out to be a good thing, even if it doesn’t seem it. I believe there is a purpose for everything that happens.

Yes the account has been reset. Any checks that try to clear will bounce. The cash card was cancelled.

I called the social security fraud line and the credit bureua.

My son doesn’t know much about this kid at all. He is 22 and his name is Mike. The 17 year old doesn’t know where he lives or where he hails from. He just met him 2 weeks ago thru another friend. He has been at my house several times and he just hangs out, out front.

I hope the investigation continues until the catch someone. They dont’ have much to go on besides my gut feeling.

I wonder what God has planned for me tomorrow.:smack:

You’ll never know. But maybe good will come out of it. You might not see it right away though.

I told my friend about my day from hell and he sent me this list.
Thought it was amusing.

I think you should file a lawsuit against the dealership for selling your a bum car. If the car hadn’t been acting up, you’d not had all the rest of the problems. Of course you’d still have your kids and since they seem to be the source of 90% of your problems …

If I were you, I’d consider selling everything of value that I own, moving anything else into storage somewhere secret, and then live a very austere life until your kids move out of the house.

I’d consider moving out of Orlando and Florida altogether. The kids would hate you for it, but you might find that everyone else around you would suddenly become so much nicer. Try moving to Buffalo … your kids will be too freakin cold to give you grief.

I’d consider running away and joining the circus.

Too bad Jason isn’t 18 yet … I’d consider falsifying his birth certificate and evicting him.

I’d find a big black boyfriend with a black belt in karate.

Consider selling your kids into white slavery in Miami. They can run drugs in condoms up their butts for the the Columbians.

Try pinching yourself, maybe you’ll wake up and find out it was all a dream … a bad dream.

Look into a convent. Perhaps they’ll take your kids too. With luck, they won’t.

Try to become the Sta-Puffed Marshmellow Man, he always seems so happy, maybe it’ll work for you too!

Become psychotic. The State will take you in AND take your kids away. You won’t have to work or cook or clean or handle sharp objects or …

Find out if you’re young enough to sign up with the military for active duty in Iraq. Better yet, falsify your kids’ birth certificates and send them!

In a week this too shall pass and you’ll be none the worse for wear though you’ll have gotten nothing else accomplished that you might have had planned for this week.

Anyway, thanks for making my day seem so bright and cheery in comparison!

And the #1 item on the Top 10 List? Thanks for describing Hell for me. Now I REALLY don’t want to end up there!

Here’s to hoping your tomorrow is better than your yesterday.

Have the police spoken to your son’s ‘friend’ yet?
I really hope today was better than yesterday.

So? How did today go?

I hope you’ve managed to get everything cleared up at this point.

Oh, and, problems like the one you describe are a very good reason to get a passport. It works even better as ID than a drivers’ license does. Several months ago, I lost my wallet. I found it several days later, but, in the meantime, I used my passport as ID. Worked like a charm.

Thanks for asking.

I got my new license and oh gawd is it ugly! But I refuse to pay $20 to have it redone and 4 hours in a line!

I went to the bank this morning to file fraud paperwork. We found that in between my account being frozen there was another charge. This time it had the phone number of the bill. We called it and sure enough it is a porno hotline.

We explained my VISA had been stolen and they ran a trace on it. The guy gave me the “originator’s” phone number. I was so excited I felt like this was a major break in the case.

We then went to the internet and did reverse look up but there was no hit for the number.

I then went to the police dept and gave theme the info.
They ran a check on the number and said it was a skip in the book. A bogus number. So I am back to square one.

The police said they will subpoena the porno place and get the numbers. The officer said it would be a week or so before an investigator would contact me as they are swamped.

The kid that I suspect stole my purse has NOT been around my house since.

Well, I’m glad that something did go right. It might have been that kid. Did the police search for him yet? I wonder if that kid uses these forums. I just hope everything turns out ok.

I wouldn’t either if I stole your stuff and rang up that much money on your credit card.

No they haven’t spoken to the kid yet. My son doesn’t know his last name, where he lives or where he hails from.

The police said an investigator would be calling me. I guess at that time they will pump my son for as much as he does know.