Car Thief!

AAAAAAAHHHHH! I feel like SCREAMING right now.

I woke up this morning to my SO, Miguel, cursing up a storm. Some useless punk has stolen his car! Last night he kept commenting on a suspicious car that kept coming 'round our complex parking lot, but I hushed him up. There are ALWAYS suspicious people around here these days. But I should have listened to him.

This poor man, my love, works seven days a week hard labor. He will give a stranger the shirt off his back and takes such great joy in delivering food and baby things that our daughter has outgrown to anyone that needs them. he’s the guy you call if you need help with anything. He does not deserve this shit!
That car was his pride and joy. Sure it was a rustbucket that was almost as old as him, but it was HIS! Paid in full. No he didn’t have theft insurance, but the car’s monetary value wasn’t worth the money we really don’t have.

He had tears in his eyes this morning. It’s breaking my heart.

So I pit you, you worthless thief. I’m not much on the cussing, but GAH! I want to DESTROY the person that made my sweetie sad. I just can’t seem to convey how angry I am right now.

We have got to get out of this place! This is the NINTH time in four years that I’ve had to file a police report regarding our cars. We have to remove our tags every time we get out of the car because they’ve been stolen four times now, and not too long ago someone cracked the windshield of my car trying to pull off the club. We’ve had two incidents with broken steering columns, and it was a lucky thing that the car involved wasn’t running at the time. Once the seat was ripped out and the sad pitiful little speakers stolen.
Others in the complex have had cars stolen and/or vandalized in the past year, and yet I’ve never seen a police car in the area without being called except ONCE, when Miguel and I were sitting in his van discussing life and our future. Police came up and banged on the window and accused us of doing illegal things. So we can’t sit in our own car in our own apartment complex but they can’t keep an eye out for the real criminals! And today they give him grief for not having a proper ID, complained that it made their work harder. What the hell does that have to do with anything?
I’d pit the police here but I know, overworked, underpaid, only doing their jobs, yeah yeah, so I’ll stick with raging against the animal that ruined my day, my sweetie’s day and will have him outside every thirty minutes for the next few weeks keeping an eye on my car.

I feel like I need to go back and pepper my post with a few “fucks” and add a clever title for said thief involving the size and smell of his privates, but I’m really too angry to care. So to you, car thief, a double dose of angry smilies.
:mad: :mad:

Sheesh, thats sucks. I firmly believe that car thieves should be handled the way horse thieves used to be :mad:

Car theives suck.

My car was stolen a couple years ago from in front of my house. The theives rode it around knocking over mailboxes, fences, and garbage cans. Flattened a tire, changed it over to the spare (throwing my custom rim god knows where), rode around some more and then abandoned it, after stealing the battery and stereo of course. If your SO’s car was older and rusted, perhaps it was just kids and not pros and you’ll be lucky enough to recover it. It can happen, although I know that’s little consolation when you’re looking at an empty parking spot where your ride used to be.

Well the car’s back home. Miguel drove around and found it about six blocks away. The steering column is broken so he had to have it towed. They broke out the back side window and stole his pitiful stereo and speakers. They crumpled up a picture of our baby and left it on the seat.
I’m surprised they didn’t take the brand new battery.

I’m just happy he has his baby back. He’s outside now, probably stroking the bumper with love.

I’m glad you got your car back. Mine vanished last year to the land of the chop shop ('98 Civic, RIP) I can’t believe you get your cars broken into twice a year, that’s just nuts!