My Dinner with Goboy

(With apologies to Wally Shawn)

goboy took me up on my offer for my extra ticket to see Aimee Mann and Michael Penn last night, and he proved to be excellent company. I had the honor of being the first Doper he’s met IRL. He was one of the nicest Dopers I’ve met so far, good for some interesting conversation, and able to switch topics quickly and intelligently. Having met a lot of Dopers (hush, Falc!), I believe meeting someone IRL provides some insight into their posting style, and that was no less true in this case. He struck me as simply a genuinely nice person with broad interests and an excellent education. And he thought the bass player was cute.

The show itself was terrific. It started with a pleasant surprise: An opening act in the person of David Cross, from HBO’s Mr. Show. He did about a half-hour of standup; then, during the rest of the show, since Aimee and Michael said they are bad at talking to audiences, he served as their “designated banterer.” A very funny guy, as those of you familiar with him know. Some typical banter: “Aimee, Michael and I went antiquing this morning, and we were walking down the street when Aimee stopped in front of a window with a television and said, ‘Come here, you have to see this news report! It’s President Reagan, and he’s sitting up in a chair and eating ice cream!’ So after that, we all ran back to the hotel and wrote this song.”

The band was absolutely spot-on, and Aimee and Michael traded off doing a few of their songs at a time. Probably not surprisingly, Aimee’s songs drew almost completely from her two most recent offerings, Bachelor No. 2 and the Magnolia soundtrack. She didn’t sing anything from Whatever, which was sort of a disappointment, but I understand. Michael’s songs pulled mostly from his last two as well, but his first song was one of my favorites, “Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Dragged In)”; and he went back to his first album for “Bedlam Boys” and “Brave New World,” for which he forgot the lyrics to the last verse, leading to an amusing exchange with the audience. The last song of the night was his first hit, “No Myth,” on which he and Aimee traded verses, which was pretty cool.

Aimee provided excellent performances of “Save Me,” “Wise Up,” “That’s Just What You Are” and many others. At various times, depending on what song was being performed and whose it was, she played guitar, bass and percussion instruments.

All in all, it was a great show, and a fun evening. I’m looking forward to seeing goboy again with the rest of the DC Dopers on Sunday!

You lucky dogs. I love Aimee Mann. I’ve had the biggest crush, since the 80s.

So, is it true that GoBoy is a “Felator Extraodinaire”? Or was he just blowing smoke up our asses?

: D&R :

(smacks Demo with a wet carp)

I accepted only a $25 check in exchange for the ticket. (That’s all that was offered, and I’m fairly sure Peta Tzunami would have insisted on my taking it.) :slight_smile:

Y’know, I was supposed to have dinner with Goboy one night. But he never showed up.

No; wait- I’m thinking of Godot. My mistake.

(Sounds like y’all had a good time. Congrats!)

I wouldn’t have insisted, but there’s no need to be rude either…if he wanted to pay for it. I thought that was very thoughtful of Goboy. :slight_smile:

[slight hijack]And yes, I’m a bit better now. I’m at work, I’m not asleep, and I’m sitting up. All good accomplishments today.[/hijack]

[Goofy’s voice]Gawrsh[/Goofy] Thank you for the kind words, Phil. You can’t see it, but I’m blushing. I really had an excellent time with Phil. He is a rocksolid decent guy, and a great deal of fun. I’ve been an Aimee Mann fan since the 80s, and I jumped at the chance to see her. I was less familiar with Michael Penn, but his music so impressed me that at my first opportunity, I’m heading to Best Buy to pick up some of his CDs. I really can’t improve on Phil’s description of the evening. The music was sensational, especially “Wise Up,” “Bedlam Boys,” and “Romeo in Black Jeans.” And the bass player was indeed cute.

Democritus, Phil’s married, so shame on you. If you, however, want to check out my Latinate skills (you’re single, right?), you can judge for yourself. If you want me to blow smoke up your ass, you at least have to buy me a drink first. :slight_smile:
I look forward to meeting more DC area Dopers on Sunday.

Hey!!! :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am torn between feeling happy for you and Goboy, and feeling incredibly bitter that I couldn’t go. Right now the bitterness is winning, but that could just be because I’m grumpy today. :wink:

But I am glad that Peta is feeling better and that she’s not a bitter, whining bitch like I would be if I missed Aimee Mann.