My dog doesn't drive.

I think he’d like to but with the price of gas I can’t afford to have him cruising the neighbourhood for cats.

So I ask why does our fine city think he needs to renew his license every year?

I think that things are getting out of hand and that the licensing fees are just another tax on the responsible pet owners in this usually fine city. Irresponsible pet owners are a different story, they should be chained out in the yard, baked in the sun, and given only a minimum of food and water after paying generous fines.

I could agree to a one time registration fee but paying this tax every year really chaps my butt. My dogs don’t tear up the neighbourhood, pose a threat to any other animals or people, or cause problems for anyone. I hate that my money pays to take care of the damage that irresponsible pet owners cause by letting their animals run amuck.

I’ll stop here lest I run this into the Pit…

I hear ya. Where I live, the license fees go towards expenses for the city pound, which, of course, is there due to irresponsible pet owners who a) do not bother spaying or neutering, and then let puppies and kittens wander the streets, or b) keep their animals outside where they can get loose and roam the neighborhood.

IMO (since this is the current forum), if you want an outside animal, get a goat or a cow. If you must keep your “beloved family pet” outside, at least make sure your fencing is adequate.

That said, most license fees also require proof of a rabies vaccination, so in that regard, I suppose it’s a good thing. However, I’ve always felt that vaccinations are not usually required every single year. Pet vaccinations are no different than human types - the proper series, administered during a pet’s early years, should be sufficient for life, especially for indoor pets. AFAIK, this is true for most canine and feline diseases. I don’t know if rabies really needs an annual booster or not, except to provide “proof” in the event that someone is bitten.

Be glad you don’t have to pay taxes on him in addition to getting the license – you used to have to in North Carolina. (I assume because of the trade in hunting dogs). Granted, given that I had a miniature dachshund at the time, I didn’t have to pay much, but it still chapped me.

I don’t know where you’re from, but for me a dog license is $2 a year, and I’ll gladly pay it if it means little marge will be found when she breaks off her leash in pursuit of a feather that got out of line.


I’ve gotta side with jarbabyj on this one.

As much as I hate to admit it, I never even gave it a thought. I moved to a Chicago 'burb, paid either $14 a license or two for $7 and never gave it another thought until now. My only complaint is how big they are. This year’s tag was so big, I had to take it off of my little dog. The damn thing was as big as her head!

as you can see her head’s REALLY not that big

Good lord, woman! Could she be any cuter!?

Now, my cats DO drive and, geez, what a mess! They bring the car back, they don’t fill the tank, there’s catnip all over the place. Do you know how hard it is to get catnip out of crevices in the car? I try to tell them not to do their kitty drugs while their driving and that one DUI and that license is GONE, but do they listen? Nooooo! Same old thing all the time.

I’m thinking of grounding them.

I just read an article about how catnip is as effective
as DDT as mosquito repellent. I dont know about where
you live, BunnyGirl, but here in SC they are taking over.
(The mosquitos, not the driving cats:)).
-Note to self, aka Rainman-stick to the subject!-
Re: dog licenses, I’ll buy one every day if it helps those poor little babies at the SCPA.

Amazingly yes, she does get cuter! You should see her in her coat and boots! Plus, she hasn’t the slightest clue she’s supposed to be one of those yappy little dogs with the Nepoleonic/Joe Pesci complex. She doesn’t bark, bite or play any of those other reindeer like games. She sleeps, licks people and snores. I take her to the “old folks home” (I don’t know how to spell that other word, so screw it) She has a fabulous time and one year on Chrismas Eve day, we arrived just in time for afternoon ice cream. So you know, they’re old…sometimes they’d miss their mouths but Lilly made sure EVERYONE she visited had a clean face when she left. She is quite famous in my building. She flirts with everyone, wagging that little nubbin of a tail until her back end is moving separatly from her head.
Quite amusing.
The other dog has never shown any interest in driving, so when I leave every morning I ask if they might consider behaving themselves and maybe pick up around the house, some light dusting perhaps. They never do.

Here in Tucson, the Council of Elders has decreed that if your dog isn’t neutered, you get to pay a $75 yearly dog license fee.

Yep. Seventy-five bucks.

The result? Guess.

Did you guess that the registration rate for unneutered dogs has gone to nearly zero? Bingo!

Which means that the city no longer has any way to make sure all those animals are vaccinated for rabies.

Brilliant, isn’t it?


I wish.

I could get around paying that despite my aversion to the whole licensing thing. It’s the amounts that we have to pay here that bug me, if you have an un-neutered and unmarked cat your license fee will be $100.00. All our cats are fixed, only one ventures outside to bask on the step and visit the neighbours. Cost to license = $60.00

Two dogs, one fixed and the other is homosexual or perhaps catsexual (he really likes cats) so there’s virtually no chance of them spawning unwanted puppies. That and the fact they are INSIDE pets. Cost = $65.00

Our council of elders must be sniffing glue. They must need our license money to purchase more paste.