My explanation of JFK (or Moon) Conspiarcy Theories

There is a ‘game’ from the UK called Mornington Crescent.

JFK Conspiracy theories is the American version of that game. The UK game when a player says Mornington Crescent.

The American game ends when someone says “Oswald acted Alone” and punches the other player in the the dick.
“We never went to the moon” is similar but ends, as demonstrated by Buzz Aldrin, with a punch to the face.
But please, everyone should realize, these are just silly games. Nobody really believes that JFK was killed by anyone other than Oswald and everyone knows we went to the moon, repeatedly. If they say otherwise, it’s just the beginning of a game.

I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue.

Lost me as well.

Somebody just got whooshed there. In case it’s Mr. Miskatonic, this might shed some light on this thread (and QuickSilver’s post).

I love the comparison, personally.

Well I’ll play.

“military-industrial complex”

“organised crime”

Russian bombshell

“Johnson wanted to become president. Do you think it was a coincidence it happened in Texas?”

Cuban Mafia

Oswald acted alone.

Accidentally shot by his own Secret Service agent

A tiger got him.

Explosive brain embolism caused by watching “2 girls, 1 cup” video.


Back, and to the left

I know it’s early to pull the BATTL card, but a careful review of the history of this game shows us that “Dandy Jim” Garrison used this to great effect in the New Orleans Invitational back in '69.

“echo from the underpass”

Made famous of course by Mr. Oliver Stone’s climactic denouement play at the Santa Monica freestyle '94. Hell of guy, hell of a player.

Ahhh, Stone. Maybe not the greatest player of all time, but the most memorable? Definitely!

Magic bullet

Even long-term students of the game are unaware that the MB move was first authorized by then-Warren Commission staffer, later US Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Spector. Unfortunately, a brilliant start was derailed by a baffling indifference to the game on the part of Mr. Spector, and his appearances in subsequent matches was spotty, at best.

Well you know why Spector didn’t show up much after the Warren Commission of course - he was the second shooter on the grassy knoll! He then got himself attached to the Warren Commission in order to facilitate the cover up.

I have occasionally thought that the polls showing high levels of belief in a JFK conspiracy have at least some people more or less playfully saying “Sure, there was a conspiracy!” I suspect that if you came back to them and said, “No, seriously, do you *really *think there was a conspiracy?”, the numbers would go down quite a bit.