My Exquistite Moment

I was at a lecture the other day, half asleep on my girlfriend’s shoulder, and the speaker was explaining the beauty of life to all of us jaded and weary co-eds and how we all ought to identify our exquisite moments of the day. i was thinking, one can’t really have an exquisite moment every day – that’s just too much! – but then i dozed off again. well, it happened. i was struck with a truly exquisite moment. and for that one moment, everything negative completely disappeared. i forgot about the friends who were abandoning me because they found out i was gay, about the ex-boyfriend who “is still in love” with me, about the anxiety of telling my parents and my old friends from childhood, about all the petty day-to-day annoyances (otherwise known as my roommate) that knaw at your nerves. it all faded away as i talked to my best friend (who is thousands of miles away, and whom i miss and love dearly) over the internet with the use of my girlfriend’s web-cam and cuddled with my girlfriend. i felt completely surrounded by love, and love feels kind of like putting on a warm fuzzy sweater on a cold, dreary and wet day. anyway, i just thought i’d share my moment before the feeling went away, and while my GF is taking a shower.

so… what was your exquisite moment?

when I finally started my army career- no wait a second, that didn’t happen.

Actually, it was when my parents felt bad for all the shit I’m going through and bought me an early Christmas present: Winter’s Heart by Robert Jordan. It made everything alright. Though now that I’m gonna have to get a job or two, I don’t know if that’s a good thing- the book’s about 650 pages long, and I tend to read every sentence 3 times when it’s a book by RJ. Ah well, I’ll make time.

Right here, baby,
Simply amazing.

And when Sailorboy proposed, and when we got to fall asleep in each others arms and… Well I can go on and on.

wow, relic, that is so beautiful and sweet! awwwwww
i love these moments… maybe i should start living for them? :slight_smile: and on that note, i am going out swing dancing! i have a little exquisite moment every time i step into that club and everyone is dressed in 40’s garb and Sinatra is crooning “The Way You Look Tonight” <sigh> how blissful