My Eye Color - Hazel? Blue? Green?

Like other people (I’ve found out), my eyes change depending on the environment. Some days they’re more green, somedays their more blue, and somedays they’re even a mix or swirl of both. If I’m not mistaken (but I could be, so correct me if I’m wrong), hazel eyes go from brown to green. Since mine are blue to green, what would they considered?

Mine change colors as well, from blue to green to grey, and I have always been told by others that they are hazel. I dont know if that is right or not though.

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  2. Most gratifyingly, check for a column by Cecil Adams or the SDMBStaff. The Master has covered many of the greatest questions of our time, as well as some more mundane, if still interesting, ones. In fact, he’s discussed this very issue in Is it possible to have eyes of two different colors? Can your eyes change color?. The searchable Archives can be found here.