My eye is twitching

Yep. Well, to be more specific, the skin under my right eye is twitching. Has been for the last day or two. It’s really quite strange.

And, no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m writing my PhD thesis (twitch). Why do you ask? (twitch)

::Giraffe lurches back to his office, twitching and drooling::

…weird. Same with me, only it’s my left eye. I wonder if it’s from the chemtrails that the black helicopters are leaving behind? :eek:

Seriously. It’s a little weird.


Black helicopters, eh? That might explain why I can’t remember Monday…
[sub]And don’t even get me started about how much my ass hurts.[/sub]

That used to happen to me when I used drugs. It usually went away after I quit using them.

That’s what I recommend.


My left eyelid has been twitching recently.

Maybe it’s a SDMB thing…

I’ve had the same condition recently. Not currently, but off and on over the last several months. My wife attributes it to stress, and it does seem to come and go with particularly eventful days.

If anybody figures out what causes this and how you make it go away, I’d appreciate hearing about it. Oh, and “stop leading a stressful life” is not an answer I’m hoping for.

I occasionally get that twitchy eyelid thing. Have you ever lookled at your eye in the mirror while that’s happening? Looks like a tiny spider when the eyelashes are going, wierd.

Several months ago I had a little area on my upper arm that was doing that.

This is probably a humorous thread, but I figured I’d throw my two cents in. My eye twitchs when I play video games for too long. Pulling gently down on the facial cheek right underneath the eye until you’ve stretched it as far as it can go. This seems to help.


Aw, you fellow Buffyphiles are all laughing, admit it!

Just in case this is serious:

  1. you need more calcium/magnesium; and/or
  2. you need some quinine (tonic water); and
  3. you can always put a lukewarm compress on it.

A former twitcher,

I had an attack of this once and turned out to be…, no, I’m not going to do that. See an eye doctor, that’s what I did.

And it did turn out to be quite simple to deal with, but it did have to be dealt with.

Good luck!

You know, I had this happen a couple times… I think it was my eyelashes rubbing against my glasses when I pushed them back too far (“them” being the glasses, not the eyelashes).

So, yea, I’m weird too. :stuck_out_tongue: