My feet (mild TMI)

Dear feet:

 I don't attempt to shove you into high heels or shoes with pointed toes, the way so many other women do.  No, I buy shoes that others have recommended as being comfortable.  So WHY do you feel compelled to develop blisters, even in shoes that other people can wear with no problem?  And the blisters tend to recur in the same places- why doesn't the skin there ever get any tougher?

 I have blisters on the big-toe side of both feet, and on both soles on the ball of the foot.  Ouch.

Oh, god, do I feel you.

I ought to have enormous calluses on the top of my foot above my big toe and the back of my ankle at this point. Every. damn. shoe. leaves blisters. Bloody socks are a regular occurrence. And yet no hardening seems to be happening.

Ugh. Why, of all body parts, would my damn feet be so sensitive?

Yeah, I have the back of the ankle thing, too. I get them more on the big-toe side of each foot than on the top. God or Darwin or the shoe gods or somebody must not like me very much.

There’s NO TMI here!!! W. T.F.??? I only opened this thread to see the TMI and GODDAMMIT there is none.

You could have at LEAST made up TMI. Talked about the toenail fungus, describing the color and the taste. Described the toe jam’s greasy texture when you rubbed it between your fingers. Regaled us with stories about chewing your toenails and getting them stuck between your teeth. Detailed at length the flaking of the bunions. Explained how yours socks disintegrated into threads from the odor after one day’s wearing.

SOMETHING ANYTHING. You can’t build it up by putting TMI in a title and then drop us off the cliff by…oooops forgetting the TMI.

Goddammit. :slight_smile:

Yeah, last Saturday, I broke the cardinal rule of job fairs: never wear new shoes to one. To top it off, the moron who put the “employees only entrance, all others enter West entrance” forgot that some of us didn’t come with compasses built into our heads. So, I ended up walking all the way around the frikkin’ building in new shoes. In hose. Through wet grass.

By the time I reached the correct entrance, I had nickel size blisters on the balls of my feet and a five hour day to get through on them. They’re only just healed. sigh

I have big ugly oozing popped blisters on my feet. Will that do?

Is it oozing green or yellow? Well if that’s the best you can you… :smiley:

Look for the sun (if it’s out), turn towards it, then turn right. That’s west. :cool:

Though I agree, some folks can’t find their way out of a paper bag without a map, gps, and a compass, and those of us that can, shouldn’t always assume that everyone else can!

My shoe/foot beef is not being able to buy different size shoes for each foot. I have one flat foot, one normally curved foot. This makes for feet that are 1 1/2 size different from each other. If one shoe fits, the other is too big, or too small depending on how I buy them. It’s not so bad in work shoes, but it’s a real bitch in skiboots.

The sun rises/sets in the south?

Part of my costume as a cast member of “The Bacchae” involves wearing sandals. They gave me 2 pairs of sandals to try on, and ultimately I picked the lesser of two evils- both were uncomfortable, one pair was slightly less uncomfortable. Still, after dress rehearsal those are the first thing that come off, and they leave deep red marks in the sides of my feet no matter how much I loosen the straps :frowning:

Shit, I thought this was the pit! How the fuck did I get into MPSIMS? Must be a problem with the server…Sheesus fricken cripe on a friggen stick…

Oozing blisters and bloody socks aren’t enough for you? I’ve been spending too much time at work- saying “I’m having a sebaceous cyst removed from my back” (no details, no nothing) is TMI to some people around here…

Assuming that you’re not arriving at sunrise/sunset, it’ll get you close enough to west for the subject at hand… unless you’re in the other half of the world of course. Most job fairs that I’ve seen/attended didn’t start at 6AM. If it’s very early/late in the day then you need to turn away from/head towards the sun respectivly.

On the OP topic, without blisters and puss though, why can’t Payless sell a man’s dress shoe that actually lets some moisture out? It’s no fun to have sweaty feet 2 hours after putting the shoe on and sitting at my desk the entire time!