My fella's back and he brought me bagels

The really, really nice guy I’ve been seeing for a few months went to NY for a short vacation, and I have been really, really cranky the whole week. He just called to say he’s home, and my mood has just leaped back up there to right under giddy. I know I shouldn’t get carried away…so far we’re just friends…but I remember this feeling from many, many years ago and I think it’s called happy. It feels nice. And he’s gonna stop by in the morning with a bag of bagels from New York City! He’s a sweetie. Hope I’ve got cream cheese…

Well, he told me they were poppyseed and cinnamon-raisin. How you can confuse onion and cinnamon-raisin is beyond me. Fortunately, my daughter adores onion bagels. These had better be worth all the anticipation! New York’s bagel reputation is on the line here!

And I’m still happy, and I didn’t even see him when he dropped them off on his way to work. Ah, the power some men possess!