How do you take your bagel?

New favorite: onion bagel toasted and smothered in herbed Brie cheese. Otherwise it usually is a plain bagel toasted with butter and cream cheese and a bit of jam.

How do you like yours?

Usually toasted with butter, except at college when I can’t have a toaster and have to make do with the microwave.

Yum! Now I’m hungry…

Plain bagel, toasted. Plain cream cheese.

Incidentally, Dunkin’ Donuts actually has surprisingly good bagels if you’re on the run and want something reasonably cheap and carb-filled to nosh on.

Cinnamon-Raisin–straight out of the fridge. I don’t even like them cut if I have the choice.

I’ll see your cinnamon-raisin, but I’m going to have to raise you to toasted, with cream cheese. JAY-zuz! That’s some good eatin’!

I’ll buck the trend here.

Plain, a few slices of ham, a slice of provolone, toasted, a few slices of dill pickle added. Makes for an awesome sandwich…

Toasted, with cream cheese with something savory mixed in, like smoked salmon, olives, or garlic and herbs.

Alternatively, I use them to make breakfast sandwiches. Scrambled eggs cooked in a large ramekin fit perfectly, along with bacon, sausage or ham, and maybe a bit of cheese.

A cinnamon raisin or blueberry toasted with butter and some sugar sprinkled over it.


A savory bagel toasted with some flavored cream cheese. Lately I 've been digging on Asiago cheese bagels toasted with jalepeno salsa cream cheese.

(Veggie) Sammich o’Death–Toasted buttered salt bagel with plenty of (soy) bacon.

Toasted, with garlic-and-chive whipped cream cheese (my current favorite).

That’s my favourite, as well. Billdo cries for us. He says sweet bagels are an abomination in the eyes of God.

When I used to eat them, an everything bagel, sliced twice, toasted with butter. Also, Au Bon Pain makes an asiago cheese bagel this is out of this world. No butter needed on that disk of love.

As are toasted bagels - a term mentioned by 7 people already :eek:

Thankfully, the terms ‘out of the fridge’ and ‘Dunkin Donuts’ have only been mentioned once each, but if either get posted twice, don’t be surprised if you see the clouds part and wrath rain down from above.

Either a plain or onion bagel (or better yet, a bialy), LIGHTLY toasted so it is crisp and firm but not crunchy. Schmear of cream cheese, plenty of lox, thin slice of onion, thin slice of tomato.

I like the asiago cheese bagels from Panera Bread, but those are practically in a different class from regular New York-style bagels. Kind of like comparing Krispy Kreme donuts to beignets from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans–both delicious, but you’d never want to give up one just because the other is good.

It’s not quite that sweet bagels are an abomination in the eyes of God. Rather they are a sign of the bad taste, poor breeding and deep level of moral rot in the soul of those who prefer them. :wink:

My preference would be a fresh everything bagel, untoasted, with whitefish salad and red onion.

I would love that RIGHT NOW. Mmm, whitefish salad…

Billdo does not know the orgasmic qualities of said raisin bagel, toasted, with cream cheese. It’s to die for.

Montreal bagel, preferably onion, toasted (pthibbit), with butter and thinly sliced 5-year-old cheddar. Or swiss.

Maybe I need to buy bagels tomorrow.

What’s a Montreal bagel? Is it made with poutine? :wink:

Some favorites. . .

Cinnamon-raisin, toasted, with plain cream cheese.

Onion bagel, toasted, with smoked salmon cream cheese (or plain cream cheese with smoked salmon and capers if I’m feeling like it)

Jalapeno bagel, toasted, with egg, sausage and cheese.

And, a real beauty, but not one for the purists: Panera Chocolate Bagel with plain cream cheese. Chocolate and cream cheese were separated at birth.

I’m not a big chocolate eater, but that bagel is AWESOME. Of course Panera bagels are “bagels” in name only. They are loaded with fat and butter, and coated with sugar and cheese and various confections.

They are good, though, whatever you want to call them.